Bernal Artist Todd Berman’s “City of Awesome” on Display at Mission Pie



Walking home recently after exiting the fashionable 24th Street BART station, your Bernalwood editor did a double-take at Mission Pie on the corner of Mission and 25th. As I passed Mission Pie (yum!) and looked in the window, I could’ve sworn I saw artwork by Bernal artist Todd Berman hanging on the walls.

I backtracked a few steps back to enter Mission Pie and take a close look. And sure enough, my hunch was correct: A big display of Neighbor Todd’s art really is hanging  on the walls of Mission Pie, and it looks glam-o-rama.

A few days later, Todd sent an email to tell me about the show. He also mentioned that there’s a reception for it happening tomorrow, Tuesday, April 26. Neighbor Todd says:

I’ve just hung a new show at Mission Pie. This is a special showing of the 42 foot long City of Awesome painting which you may have seen filling the inside of a Muni bus since October. I ‘d been selected to create original art for SF Beautiful’s Muni Art program. A jury had narrowed the pool artists from 135 down to 10, then the popular vote narrowed it down to five winners.

To create these paintings, I asked people at events, on the street, and in classrooms what they do to help make San Francisco so awesome, and to draw a picture of themselves in action. All of the drawings were then meticulously cut out by hand and collaged into paintings of neighborhoods in the city.

This is a panel showing the block of Mission Street and Crescent Ave (I live on Crescent):

cityawesome1Here’s another panel featuring Mission Pie and a view of our awesome hill:

cityawesome2There will be a reception on Tuesday, April 26 from 6 to 8 pm,, but the art is up at Mission Pie from now until the end of April, and this will be the only time to see it in it’s entirety.

IMAGES: Top, art by Todd Berman on display at Mission Pie; photo by Telstar Logistics. Below, artwork detail courtesy of Todd Berman.

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  1. This is a great work of art, melding aesthetics, craft, and community involvement. Thanks Todd and thanks Mission Pie!

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