8 thoughts on “This Photo Reveals Everything You Need to Know About Bernal Heights

    • That poor neglected VW. Tell your kids it went to live on a farm and give it to me instead. I’ll give it a good, loving home.

  1. hmmm… that photo shows Bernal Heights leaning to the right… I always thought Bernal leaned hard to the left

  2. For anyone not currently ensconced in the “rat Rod” culture this Volkswagen has purposely been left with its patina because that’s the way the kids like it.

    Also – I don’t see what’s wrong with the Airbnb bus. It can’t possibly be taking away a rentable property. I think it would be an awesome and cheap way to find a place to stay.

  3. THIS BUS…..is greater than the sum of Hanover + Chicago + Tucson + Portland + Bernalwood…
    It is all that it does and doesn’t appear to be. It is a rasta-powered disco ballin’ slammed portal to another dimension, an effortless ride…down the rabbit hole…

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