The Epicurean Trader Celebrates First Anniversary (And For You, Special Price)


Oh, how the time flies. Neighbors Holly and Matt from The Epicurean Trader on Cortland are celebrating the first anniversary of their store, and to mark the occasion they’re offering a special deal to Bernal neighbors. Holly says:

We’re celebrating our first year as a Bernal merchant! We love this neighborhood. Mat and I have both lived in the neighborhood for years and all our employees live in Bernal Heights too.

The store has changed a lot since opening day – not our overall mission, but the assortment of products we sell. We’ve always wanted to be a neighborhood store, so we continually collect feedback from you about items you find difficult to buy locally. We stock as many as we can to make everyone’s lives a little easier.

We were also just named one of the Best Neighborhood Markets in San Francisco, and we’re now the highest-rated Specialty Market on Yelp (even ahead of Bi-Rite on 18th.) So now we’re even more excited to celebrate!

To thank the neighborhood for all their support, we will be extending a 10% discount off all purchases Monday thru Friday this week to Bernal Heights residents. Just ask for the discount when you check out. (Note: we may ask for some confirmation that you live in Bernal Heights.)

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7 thoughts on “The Epicurean Trader Celebrates First Anniversary (And For You, Special Price)

  1. Congrats to Holly and Matt! I’ve found some awesome stuff in the Epicurean Trader; it’s a great add to the ‘hood.

  2. I hope they are serving crow and humble pie. A year ago I said (to no one in particular) “this is the stupidest idea, we don’t need that store” A year later, I’m a member of their whiskey club, I’ve attended their free tastings, I’m addicted to their fig balsamic and have purchased some mighty fine gifts for friends/family. Congrats on the 1-year anniversary!

  3. Congratulations; readying my shopping list ; but I soooo wish we still had a bookstore on the Hill —

  4. So glad The Epicurean Trader is doing well. I try to buy something there once a month to help support them. It’s great to have so many friendly local businesses on Cortland. Long may you run, Epicurean Trader!

  5. Congrats Holly & Matt! We’ll come in this week to support and celebrate. Looking forward to find some treasures, like my 40N Red Boat Fish Sauce, that I couldn’t find anywhere else. ~Larissa, Doug, Talis & Paxton

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