Hail to the Chief! Meet the New President of Mission-Bernal Merchants Association


It’s presidential campaign season, but (hooray!) here’s one story that doesn’t involve Donald Trump.

Neighbor Eden Stein from Secession Art & Design is now the president of the Mission-Bernal Merchants Association, the merchant group organized along the Bernal/La Lengua’s Mission Street corridor.

Neighbor Eden now presides over the proud territories that once belonged to the “South of Army-Mission Merchants Association” in days of yore, but she brings a thoroughly contemporary approach to the office. President Eden writes:

Wearing my heart on my sleeve and being locally-minded are part of my approach to life. I live and work passionately everyday being the owner and curator of Secession Art & Design. I often get asked “what is your art?” Secession is my art, and the 60+ independent makers are my muses. Outside my doors is my community.

I am honored to announce that I am now President of the Mission Bernal Merchant Association. This leadership role is a way for me to help our neighborhood have a strong voice that will benefit merchants and residents. I look forward to collaborating with local business and government to help unite and transform our neighborhood into a destination that supports our local community.

See you in the neighborhood soon!
XO Eden

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