New Murals Take Shape Inside Sutrito Tower Complex



In case you hadn’t already noticed, the muralization of the the Sutrito Tower utility building is well underway on Bernal Hill. Omar Masry from the SF Planning Department says:

Precita Eyes Muralists has begun work (see attached photos) on the mural on the walls of the main equipment building (nothing is being added to the fence or tower). Weather permitting, the mural should be completed in a few weeks.

The building permit to remedy prior site deficiencies has been completed, with landscaping (non-invasive type) and a water tank (will generally utilized recycled water) for landscaping. We are also working with American Tower (the site operator) on making sure lighting is not on all night.

If you see anything suspicious or attempts to trespass please contact the Ingleside Police Station at (415) 404-4000.

IMAGES: Courtesy of SF Planning Department

9 thoughts on “New Murals Take Shape Inside Sutrito Tower Complex

  1. I saw them up there, a few other sides and even saw some people working.
    They looked amazing and awesome!!!!

  2. The murals shown on the photos are very nice! Blends nicely with the area. Will have to make a trek to the hill to see the rest.

  3. The initial concept of this project was inspired by the building’s natural surroundings, and its alignment with the cardinal directions, corresponding to the Ohlone (Aboriginal peoples of the greater Bay Area) medicine wheel. The four colors of the wheel represent all our relations, and declare peace for each other and the creatures found in the wild. Because it is a telecommunications tower, included are crystal mineral formations and geometric shapes to compliment ground built from surrounding native plants and trees. The brief descriptions to follow reflects the properties and essences of each cardinal direction, which serves as the base color for each wall.

    Yellow- East; Represents the male energy and direction of the rising sun and fire. Animals present are the San Francisco Garter Snake and the Tule Elk.

    Black- West; Also known as the direction of the feminine aspects seen as turtle, the continent known as Turtle Island stretching from North to South America. The word Tonantzin seen in the sky means Mother Earth in Nahuatl, the ancient language of the Mexica. Also important are the sacred waters and relationship with Metzli (The Moon), the death of one day (represented by the Flicker bird) leading to the next along with a pair of Great Blue Herons. The Lotus Flower and Native sage are also visualized.

    Red- South; Held by the youth, essence of will and discipline, symbolized by the hummingbird. The wild curiosity of the Raccoon’s and Coyote’s trickster spirit is ever present in our modern day environment. The Black Widow web represents our collective web and security on the far left side connecting to an abstract version of native mother bird nesting.

    White- North; The north side serves as an homage to our past, present and future relations and the word ancestors is read within the wings of a Golden Eagle with silhouetted figures underneath enjoying the sights and tranquility of Bernal Heights.

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