Wednesday: Reception for Bernal Artist Todd Berman at Avenue


Bernal Heights artist Todd Berman has some of his work on display at Avenue, the event space at 3361 Mission Street near Virginia, just across from our Taoist Safeway. Tomorrow night, Wednesday, Mar. 2 from 7 to 9 pm, Neighbor Todd will be hosting an artist’s reception, and of course you’re so invited. Todd says:

The art don’t stop. That means I just want to keep filling up canvases with paint and filling up my closets canvases.

On Wednesday March 2, I’m having an art show at Avenue – that new and pretty little event space at 3361 Mission Street in La Lengua, across from the Taoist Safeway with the unobstructed views of Twin Peaks.

This show is part of a fire sale. I’ve reduced prices drastically for many of my paintings in an effort to make room in my closets. If I have to take the art back home, the prices go back up again.

You can find out more about the reception here, and all the art can be viewed online (and can be purchased via email as well).

I hope my Bernal neighbors can give these paintings (many of which are all about the awesomeness of San Francisco) a good home.

IMAGE: “City Commerce” by Todd Berman

2 thoughts on “Wednesday: Reception for Bernal Artist Todd Berman at Avenue

  1. Endorsement: we have a Berman and it’s one of our most treasured pieces of art. You will not regret investing in his work – the energy and positivity it radiates is tonic for our busy lives.

  2. We had a lovely party last night, including several neighbors who found out about the show through Bernalwood. Many of the pieces have been sold, but there’s still a few left.

    There will be one more opportunity to visit the art show on Sunday morning, March 6, 10-11:30 am right before the art gets taken home (and the prices go back up).

    You can also check out the art sale online at

    Thank you, Bernal!

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