21 thoughts on “After All That, There’s Still This

  1. What’s been so intense?

    A bike was stolen, cars were broken into, and a homeless encampment that’s been there for months is still there. Sounds like usual ol’ Bernal to me.

  2. Please just admire the trees. Making attachments such as a sign or a swing to a publicly owned tree is not in the best interest of the tree, is not legal and unfortunately adds to the “intensity” of which you speak. I hope that you or someone will carefully remove the swing before a crew from the City has to be called out to do it. Nice photo, though.

  3. Looking at some of these comments makes me again really excited to move out if this city. The problem with San Francisco and specifically Bernal Heights is that it has all of the high cost of living and crime of a large city, but also the overly judgemental snoopy neighbor vibe of a small town. Its the worst. Other than it being really beautiful to look at it, the SF of now is garbage. Now I welcome the comments of “Good riddance!”

      • I mean, you post this cute pic of a kid swinging, in probably any other city people would unanimously think its cute, but in the Bay Area you have people talking about the strain on a tree and how we can properly remove the swing. That is the whole overly uptight feeling of this place. You take that and mix in gunshots, break ins, muggings. and the highest rent in the country and you get a place that has to chill the eff out.

      • Most likely you’ll find snoopy, judgmental people anywhere you live – but at least they’ll come at a lower price. Good luck!

      • Sure. Sure. Sure. You heart Bernalwood so much dude. It’s necessary for you. Without it you’d be left with being mean to people in real life. Tripping young children on sidewalks, kicking animals, cursing out elderly ladies for no reason. Stuff like that.

      • Actually I’m an animal lover, who teaches children, and calls his grandma all the time. I also make sure all those old ladies at McDonalds on 24th never have to open the door themselves.

        Kenny, I’m not sure you understand what this is all about….

    • How is it “snoopy” or “overly judgmental” to comment on a blog with a different perspective than that of the original post?

      Frankly, it’s funny to me that a blogger who panicked about the removal of two very dead trees in that same location thinks that this swing is a good idea. Most of the remaining pines up there are also infected with pitch canker. Have you noticed the dead one in the southeast corner of the radio tower property? Not to mention the soil loss around the roots of this tree as a result of all the traffic to and from the swing.

      I realize that we’re in a very urban place where an understanding of land, vegetation and nature is not of the highest priority for most of my neighbors. You have other skills, training and interests. As someone who does have education, training and experience on the land, I might see this swing differently than you do. I don’t think that makes me snoopy or overly judgmental. It might make me a critical thinker on a subject that you don’t think requires any thought. It’s just a different perspective, which is something I value about city living.

      I won’t say good riddance, but it does sound like you could be happier elsewhere. I hope you find that wherever you’re headed.

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