Do You Recognize This Cortland Bike Thief?

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Apologies for all the crime news this week, but we seem to be in one of those unfortunate periods where there’s a lot of crime news…

The proprietors of The New Wheel bike shop on Cortland are seeking help from Bernal neighbors to identify the woman who stole a very rare (and expensive) electric bike from in front of the store earlier this week. New Wheel co-owner Karen Wiener tells Bernalwood:

While taking inventory of our bikes, we realized that one of our demo bikes had gone missing. As you know, we display eight of our bikes outside. It turns out that while we were working with a customer on Monday evening, we forgot to secure a nice full suspension bike outside the shop. Upon inspection of our security camera, we found that it was a woman who walked away with it on Monday night at around 6:50 pm.

Super disappointing but I am optimistic that we might still locate the bike. The thief may live in the neighborhood, because other Cortland merchants have said they recognize the woman in the photo as someone whose been in their stores recently. The bike is certainly a looker — it has a full suspension with lime green accents. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, we’d be super appreciative.

Here’s the perp, walking away with the bike:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.31.00 PM

This is what the stolen bike looks like:


22 thoughts on “Do You Recognize This Cortland Bike Thief?

      • idk maybe because I’ve lived in bernal heights my whole life and I’m not afraid to hangout in the projects and I know that it sounds really F*** up but I’ve been to that bike shop numerous times and no one evert helps me they just brush me off or completely ignore me after a hello. I’ll ask my friend if he seen the bike but most likely it’s gone and a Mexican kitchen worker bought it they usually have all the good expensive bikes try 6 and market and mission that’s where all the stolen bikes get sold and outside the flea market on 14th and mission on sat and Sunday’s

  1. She has flowers in her hands and a shopping bag (of groceries?). Perhaps she useda credit card at Heartfelt or Good Life? You can trace that.

  2. Hey Kenny,
    Can you elaborate?

    If you do know Caz (or his mom) please let her know that if someone could just bring the bike back, that would be great.


  3. If it wasn’t secured then she must’ve assumed it was free – like any other unsecured item left in front of a home or business on a public street. We should be thanking her for cleaning up discarded items – not accusing this sweet passerby of theft!

    • “What is this, 1960 Georgia?”

      If only. I’d move to SA, but it’s gone to the… er, dogs since 1991.

      Support evolution, shoot back!(TM)

  4. We checked our security cameras at Heartfelt and she did not enter the store thus took the flowers in her hand from in front of the store. We are checking the Good Life video today.

  5. Bernalwood blogger, can you remove these racist comments? How were they even approved? Were they auto accepted because it was the weekend?

    He’s invoking South Africa during apartheid in the last one below the response from “b”. This is really bad for the neighborhood and the city. Surely Bernalwood does not support making broad accusations about the character of our neighbors based on “skin color” as the commenter does.

    Maybe you could adopt a stance similar that taken by on the issue of racial profiling, since you are so invested in blogging about crime. If you provide a public forum, you take on some responsibilities.

  6. Bet she didn’t grab the charger. I’ll keep my eyes peeled at Superbowl Village under 101 at Bayshore.

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