Beloved, Bernal-Owned Dema Clothing Store Closing This Month


About a year ago, Bernalwood created an ad-hoc spreadsheet to keep track of Bernal-owned businesses that are not in Bernal Heights. The basic idea was to create and eventually publish a list of Bernal-owned businesses around San Francisco, to help the Citizens of Bernalwood know where they can shop locally, even when they venture off-hill.

That spreadsheet remains a work in progress, but in the meantime, we’re sad to report that one Bernal-owned business will soon vanish from the list: Dema, the glamorous women’s clothing store on Valencia (near 21st) owned by Neighbor Dema Grim from Santa Marina, is closing at the end of the month.

Neighbor Dema tells Bernalwood:

Yes, my time has come. My customer base has slowly dwindled, and it’s just not financially feasible for me to keep the shop going. I opened in 1997— not much on Valencia then! Survived two recessions.

But this “new” SF baffles me. The new residents seem particularly lacking in style. My wonderful eclectic, arty customers have moved to the East Bay. And online shopping is de rigeur now. SO. I am closing the shop and moving to a studio in Dogpatch, in the Workshop building to be precise, where I’ll continue to work with my wholesale accounts and do custom clothing by appointment,

I’m super excited! I never wanted to be a retailer, really, and it’s taken so much time away from actually designing the clothes. And Dogpatch is full of people making things and doing groovy collaborations. So, yipee! if anyone wants to follow me they could sign up for my mailing list on my blog.

Good luck Neighbor Dema! And in the meantime, let’s expand that Bernal-Owned Business list: If you live in Bernal and own a business around San Francisco, feel free to add your information to this spreadsheet.

PHOTO: Neighbor Dema, in her native biome, among many frocks. 

7 thoughts on “Beloved, Bernal-Owned Dema Clothing Store Closing This Month

  1. I have enjoyed shopping in your store. Good wishes and I’ll try to find you over in Dogwatch.

  2. Your wunderpants are probably the best pair of pants I’ve ever owned. Thanks for being part of the Mission scene for as long as you did. Your store added a lot. Good luck with the move.

  3. At least her and pooches still rule on the Hill and Holly Park! And yes, Valencia is ______ (add yours)

  4. Cool that you thought to do that Todd (the spreadsheet). It would also be interesting to have a list of all contractors (be they GC or subs), as well as all the writers, musicians and artists. Hmmmm. Did I just volunteer myself for this task? Care to grab a junglebird some time and catch up?

  5. Hi Todd, The Bernal Spreadsheet is awesome, any chance you put a link on the Bernalwood home screen? On the right side perhaps?


  6. “The new residents seem particularly lacking in style.”

    New residents have plenty of $$ to spend on style THEY LIKE.

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