12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Bernal Heights!

  1. Damage to or defacement of our park’s property is a sad thing to see at Christmastime. If if costs $400 or more to clean up, it’s a felony.

  2. Mew this week. Dept of Parks has put a locked gate at the Murray St/ Crescent Ave entrance to St Mary’s park and ball field. There’s a sign but it is about the dog run being closed, as it is every winter because of poor drainage. One wonders what problem the city is trying to solve as there are four other non- gated entries to St Mary’s park.

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  3. I walked by this thing twice in the past week and man, it is such an eyesore. I hope whoever painted it will come back and wash it.

  4. Playground-ification. I sincerely hope the person who did this is not so disillusioned to think he’s creating art, or being good-natured, spontaneous, and fun-loving. Please just tattoo yourself, and not OPP (Other People’s Properties).

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