Tis the Season to Beware of Parcel-Delivery Grinches


Fa-la-la-la-la / la-la-la-la, and ho-ho-ho, and a seasonal reminder: Keep an eye on any packages you get delivered to your home in the weeks ahead, or have them shipped to your workplace instead, because the holidays are prime season for grinchy parcel thieves.

Neighbor Lyndsey describes how a parcel theft unfolded near Holly Park a few days ago:

Hi Neighbors –

Just sitting here on the couch with the hubby watching TV and we heard what sounded like packages getting delivered – at 10:30 pm.

Then we heard our neighbor yelling at someone and turns out some guy was taking packages and mail from door steps all along our street near Holly Park. Our neighbor didn’t get a good look at the guy other than he was about 6 feet tall or so.

Turns out UPS delivered a package sometime this evening and didn’t even ring our bell. I’m going to leave a note to delivery folks to not leave packages on our steps now (definitely not convenient) but better than having things dropped and then stolen! 😦

Be on the lookout and hopefully with our neighbor and my husband yelling and running after the guy, he won’t be back. Best not to leave packages for the taking. Take care neighbors!!

IMAGE: FreakingNews.com

10 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Beware of Parcel-Delivery Grinches

  1. 2 guys on bikes checking out packages on Ripley Street last week. Brazen enough to actually open the boxes on our doorstep, rifle through contents, and decide if items were “theft worthy” or not.

  2. Thank you so much for the warning. I too wish they would ring the door bell when they’re making
    a delivery. I’m going to place a note ,asking them to please ring doorbell. Thanks again

  3. I keep seeing posts that UPS can deliver packages to a local business and then you can go to retrieve.
    They never give a name of this drop off place. Has anyone taken advantage of this?

    • I just logged into my UPS account to arrange to pick up a package at the San Bruno Ave location and was surprised to see they had options to pick up at Bernal Beast, Bernal Heights Market, and Precita Market. Never noticed those options before.

  4. You can sign up for UPS mychoice (can’t remember the cost – I think $40 a year) and they will email you when a package is scheduled for delivery. You can reschedule it for a different time or have them deliver it somewhere else. I usually have mine delivered to the UPS store on 29th (between Mission & Tiffany Street) if I won’t be at home. Many packages have been coming by FedEx or USPS this holiday season, so I still have to be vigilant about deliveries. 😦

  5. UPS is a horrible way to ship. They don’t care about where they stick the packages and they don’t require signatures. I go with USPS (the Postal Service) when I want something delivered and require a signature.

  6. Just saw an article on the web about someone who placed packages of dog poop on their step and videoed a thief stealing them. I’ll link if I find it. Pretty funny response.

  7. I have had so many packages stolen that unless I am home and can hear UPS/Fedex are pick up the packages from the UPS office. I thought I lived on a good street in Bernal, Highland on the East side of Hollypark but not so. I never even leave my outgoing mail in my mailbox. Really that is sad.

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