Help a Bernal Artist Find the Art That Was Stolen With Her Car


You might remember Neighbor Carrie Ann Plank; she played a starring role last April’s post about Bernal Heights artists at the Hunter’s Point Shipyard. Well, Neighbor Carrie Ann’s car was stolen on Saturday night, and some of her art was in it.  Grrrrrrrr.

She tells Bernalwood:

My car was stolen from in front of the house last night over on Bronte. I’m an artist, and unfortunately, several pieces of valuable artwork were inside the car.

Car thieves probably are not interested in art pieces, so I’m hoping they were dumped somewhere nearby. Can we put out a call to my fellow Bernal dwellers in case anyone sees them? I’m desperately hoping my good neighbors have some information that may lead to recovery! Additionally, I’m the artist in residence currently at Bullseye Glass and all of my notes and sketches were in the trunk. Would love to get those back too!

Fingers crossed! Thank you for the assist in getting the word out.

Here are the details:
2007 graphite Prius with a carseat, and here’s a few images of the missing work:




9 thoughts on “Help a Bernal Artist Find the Art That Was Stolen With Her Car

  1. I would’ve noticed them over here on Nevada as they would definitely have stood out from the bleak and Stepfordish landscape, but, no sign of them yet!

  2. Big bummer. But for art and heaven’s sake, never leave anything of value in your car, especially over night.

    • Click to access 332.pdf

      Miscreants can buy a retransmitter device acts as a wireless bridge to boost the authentication signals from your keyfob (still in your house) to the device next to the car. The car thinks the signals are coming from next to it when in fact they are still in your house. This could be defeated with upgraded software that does a time lapse check (a signal coming from an actual keyfob next to the car will take less time than a signal being sent from farther away) but Toyota hasn’t bothered implementing any such corrective action.

      Solution: when at home, put your keys in a metal cup to act as a faraday cage.

  3. Did you find it? Your car or the artwork? My 2000 Civic was stolen from Eugenia/Gates in August – awful! But then SFPD found it three days later in Ingleside! Phew! Losers for stealing the car – but thankful they did not much to it. Hoping you have the same fate.

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