10 thoughts on “Morning High-Speed Chase Ends with Car Crash on Montcalm

  1. Hint to future would be evil doers. High speed chases on narrow Bernal streets = recipe for getting caught.

  2. There was also a car chase right out front of our houses last night. I meant to get you photos, but my phone was uncharged for some reason. Then I got sleepy. Looks like they were chasing someone with a stolen car who got out of the car on foot. They believed they had isolated the fellow to Shotwell St between Chavez and Precita, but it didn’t look like they were going to find him.

    • Was this at 2 or 3am? I remember hearing 2-3 sirens heading toward our neighborhood, it seemed like they stopped nearby.. I was wondering what was going on.

      • 2am on the dot. I live above the Precita park cafe and woke up to the perp blowing thru the intersection headed the wrong way on the one-way Precita ave on the uphill park side of the park. He took a right on Folsom and the cop followed.

  3. Wait, was the car chase IN REVERSE? How did the car end up jammed in between the tree like that? (Does anyone have more photos?) Nevertheless, i hope the house is okay. Looks pretty twerked.

    • I saw them turn left onto Montcalm really fast and heard the impact about 5 seconds later. Maybe they were hoping to make a run for it, but didn’t put the car’s brake on, so the car rolled backward as they exited? The cops weren’t far behind and grabbed one gal immediately, while the other gal fled up the hill. The 2nd cop went after her maybe 2 minutes later… I couldn’t believe he caught her, she had a big head start!

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