UPDATED: Active Shooter Killed by Police at St. Luke’s Construction Site


One of the sadder realities of contemporary life is the fact that the phrase “active shooter” has become a common expression used to describe deranged people who go on shooting rampages in public places. Last night, a frightening active shooter incident in northwest Bernal Heights ended when the SFPD killed a gunman who had stormed the St. Luke’s hospital construction site.

Here’s SFGate’s summary of what happened:

Police officers fatally shot an armed man who climbed to the sixth floor of a construction site in San Francisco’s Mission District on Wednesday and aimed one of his two guns at nearby St. Luke’s Hospital, authorities said.

The man fired at least one round before being shot to death, but police did not say whether that shot was directed at the adjacent hospital. No one was hit, police said.

The man, who wore white coveralls and appeared to be in his late 20s, ascended to the sixth of seven floors of the incomplete building around 4:15 p.m. after robbing a Big 5 Sporting Goods store in San Bruno, a little more than 10 miles away, said San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr.

He said the man had committed the robbery with a handgun and emerged with a second firearm — one of the store’s shotguns — as well as ammunition shells.

The horror ended when the man was killed on the roof of a construction elevator on the northwest corner of the unfinished structure. The building, which is slated to become a 120-bed hospital, occupies land that was originally the Jose Cornelio Bernal homesite in the mid-1800s.

UPDATE: 12 November, 3:30 pm: The shooter killed on the scene in the St. Luke’s incident has been identified as Javier Lopez Garcia, a 25-year-old San Jose resident. SFGate reports:

Investigators said that Lopez Garcia had made statements in both San Bruno and San Francisco indicating he climbed to his deadly perch next to the Mission District hospital Wednesday with a death wish.

“I’m ready to die. Today will be the day I die,” Lopez Garcia said at the scene, according to officials.

Lopez Garcia is believed to have robbed the Big 5 Sporting Goods Wednesday and made statements to the clerks at the store indicating he was suicidal, according to police.

About 20 minutes after leaving the Big 5 in San Bruno, Lopez Garcia arrived at the St. Luke’s construction site. SFPD Chief Greg Suhr adds that it’s unknown why Lopez Garcia headed to St. Luke’s. “That’s the million-dollar question,” Suhr told SFGate.

PHOTO: Police approach the body of the shooter (wearing white overalls) at the St. Luke’s hospital construction site, Nov. 11, 2015. Photo via @CBS12

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  1. People may think, “What is this world coming to?”; it was certainly the conversations in the cafe I was visiting. But really when you think about it, SF has a permanent population of 825,000 and a daytime population of probably 1.5 million. Yet, how many times does this kind of event happen?

    • One of the TV channels showed video of the shooter being shot by police, shot from their helicopter. Now that was “classy” (not).

    • Maybe I don’t understand, is there some sort of sensitivity or respect issue here? I don’t really see how it matters.

      • Yes – here’s some food for thought:

        – Todd takes an image from a news source far away from San Francisco and takes the time to draw a circle around it so that we can’t miss it. A little macabre isn’t it?

        – There’s something called respect; this man has a family. First, there’s the disrespect thrown at them by this brightly colored circle Todd draws (hey! look at this spectacle who isn’t a human), and second there’s a total lack of respect for the fact that maybe some family members don’t want to view the dead body of their loved one.

        – The media generally shies away from showing bodies of Americans for that reason. You ever notice that cops cover a body with a cloth?

        – There’s a double-standard in the media for showing white and black/brown corpses.

      • Hey Danny B,

        Feel free to stop reading the site dude. Your posts are freaking idiotic, pal. Ooooh. Respect the family of the douche who took a gun up to the top of a construction site and started shooting? Get the f##* out of here with that nonsense. Who are you trying to kid? your thing is, you don’t like Todd’s persona. That’s it. Save it. And do yourself and everybody else a favor by bouncing already, you freakin fake.

      • Sorry to everyone except Danny B. I went off a little there. But you think that guy’s family is checking Bernalwood, Danny B? no. Of course not. So again, save it with your utterly fake stuff. Because it clearly don’t matter what Todd says — you’re hating.

      • Kenny Dojo – you seem like the one filled with hate there. Chill out a bit; that kind of stuff isn’t good for your heart – seriously.

        What’s not good for my heart is standing by and saying nothing when I see trash and disrespect and that’s what I see in posts like this.

        I’ve contributed to this blog in a bunch different ways, don’t concentrate on just one thing. Just like you shouldn’t concentrate on someone with serious mental illness as only being a “douche”.

        I know you have personal beef with me because I pointed out how silly you were being a couple times but don’t let it get in the way of bigger things that are at stake.

      • Danny B, you said one thing to me once about a silly question I asked about all the Japanese restaurants popping up. Other than that you’ve stayed hating on Todd. So, good luck with all your concentrating on meaningful stuff to you it is really rad

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