Artist Amos Goldbaum Unveils Sexy New Bernal Hill T-Shirt



Artist Amos Goldbaum was born and raised in Bernal Heights, and he still lives here today. He’s rather well known around town for his intricate illustrations of iconic San Francisco landmarks, and his work looks great on your body or on your building. He’s also a local history geek, so his images are often inspired by historical views of our magical city.

Neighbor Amos tells Bernalwood he will unveil a new illustration on Sunday at the fabulous Fiesta on the Hill, and appropriately, it’s a sexy new image of Bernal Hill!

I have a new Bernal shirt I’ll be releasing at the Fiesta on the Hill this weekend. It’s drawn from Max Kirkeberg’s 1973 photo from Holly Park that Bernalwood posted a bit ago.


View from Holly Park, 1973

Tangentially, while I was perusing Max’s collection I saw this 1980 shot of Army and South Van Ness, and I thought it was a nice in-between to your 1950’s to 2008 comparison a while back.

So cool. Say hello to Neighbor Amos and get one of his sexy shirts at Fiesta this weekend, or you can pick one up on the Interwebs via the remote-control magic of ecommerce.

PHOTOS: illustrations, shirt via Amos Goldbaum

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  1. Finally! A t-shirt featuring charming Bocana St., with parks at both ends (and one parking psycho somewhere in the middle).

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