Sunday: Bagel Popup at the PizzaHacker (But Don’t Sleep In)


Heads up, bagel fiends: You’re gonna want to get up early on Sunday morning.

Shegetz Bagel is having a pop-up bagel bonanza at the PizzaHacker (3299 Mission @29th) starting at 10 am this Sunday, October 11. But if you want in on the bagel action, don’t linger over the crossword puzzle. Bernalwood is told:

On Sunday, October 11th, Shegetz Bagel will host their second pop-up at PizzaHacker featuring a limited run of 240 bagels. The guys behind Shegetz Bagel don’t believe that it takes a New York City zip code (or water supply) to make a great bagel, and they intend to prove it by boiling and baking up quality bagels right here on the West Coast.

Shegetz is a collaboration between two San Francisco natives, Oliver Steele and Ben Kaminsky, and their long-time friend Alex Rogers; all three well-known staples in the Bay Area food and coffee scene. Rogers developed the lauded bread recipe for Local’s Corner, and became well-versed in bagel-making, working with Michelle Polzine at 20th Century Cafe (though Shegetz will be more akin to the New York style). Steele, a member of the industry darling Pizzetta 211, is a practiced set of hands in the world of dough and pastry. Kaminsky is a three-time US Cup Tasters Champion. After a three year stint as the Director of Quality Control and Espresso at Ritual Coffee, he has become a sought-after international coffee consultant and most recently helped launch Saint Frank in Russian Hill.

The trio focus on the details and obsess over perfecting the rise, density, crust, and dough flavor. Of course, topping things off with a little whipped Humboldt Fog never hurts either.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Doors open at 10am on Sunday Oct. 11
  • Bagels will not be toasted. Fresh bagels do not need to be toasted (because, you know, they were just in an oven)
  • Our West-Coast style bagels use sourdough starter
  • Bagels will cost $3–12 depending on toppings
  • There will be coffee. There will be sparkling wine
  • There will be a full staff to assure great service
  • The bagels are likely to go fast


PHOTO: Shegetz Bagel

11 thoughts on “Sunday: Bagel Popup at the PizzaHacker (But Don’t Sleep In)

  1. You had me until the part about them being SF natives. Some things can only be done only by New Yorkers. #bagelsnob

    • I think that’s why it’s a limited run. Until you can sell bagels in the same volume as Safeway, I think $3 is the right threshold. I’ll bite. 🙂

  2. Got there at 10:15am with two kids + wife. Line was out the door already. Waited 20mins and didn’t make it through the front door. Left the line and back home with a very unhappy family. Suggestion to Shegetz for next time: have a line for bagels only that moves faster than the sandwich line. Or give out little tidbits to kids so that they don’t go INSANE while waiting.

    • We apologize about the wait and we’re taking steps to fix the issue. The line is (despite our best efforts) an unfortunate reality at the moment given that everyone essentially shows up at the same time. We’ll be making constant adjustments over the next few pop-ups, one of which will be having the ability to order a half dozen bagels with the fixings so that you can get in and out faster. Hopefully we can get you through the door next time!


  3. For anyone who actually ate at this pop-up, was it really any better than say Katz or House of Bagels?

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