Your August 2015 Bernal Heights Real Estate Report: 20 Homes Sold, Average Price $1.3 Million


Let’s just cut to the chase: According to the August 2015 Bernal Heights sales report prepared by Downing and Company, the pace of home sales in our neighborhood remains brisk. Prices are lofty as well, with the average sale price in August weighing in at (ooof!) $1.3 million. Downing says:

August was a busy month for home sales in Bernal Heights. A total of 20 transactions were completed which was a spike compared to most months where the number of transactions often register in the low to mid teens.

The market remains hot with elevated prices and quick transactions. The average home price last month in Bernal Heights clocked in at $1.3 million. With tight market conditions and sellers in control homes were on the market for an average of only 20 days before going under contract.

For homebuyers looking to purchase for less than $1 million – alas there is still some hope in Bernal Heights. Three homes traded under that threshold last month (63 Arnold Ave, 1510 York St, and 29 Cuvier St.).

Click through to see details and specifics on each of the Bernal home sales shown above.

IMAGE: August 2015 homes sold montage from Downing and Co.

2 thoughts on “Your August 2015 Bernal Heights Real Estate Report: 20 Homes Sold, Average Price $1.3 Million

  1. FWIW, we came very close to bidding on 29 Cuvier and that sale price is deceptive — it needed $200K-300K of construction to make it livable, including jackhammering out the backyard, which had been completely covered in concrete!

  2. Well, at least the average and median are nearly the same, so that cuts down my usual whatyoutakkingaboutaverageswillis reply.

    1.3 million. Wow. That’s 1.1 million dollars -more- than the U.S. median home price. You could by six other homes elsewhere for the price of one in our neighborhood.

    Location location location.

    Oh, supply and demand!
    Supply and demand!
    High ho a diary oh
    Supply and demand.

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