Mayhem Strikes as Thief Crashes Stolen Car on Mullen




Grrrrr. Neighbor Peter did some excellent reporting on the scene yesterday after a stolen Honda Accord crashed into a several parked vehicles on Mullen:

A bit of news from Santana Rancho today. I didn’t witness it happen, but heard a loud crash at around 1pm (ish) and ran outside to check it out. Pictures below of what I found on Mullen at Franconia.

A Honda Accord slammed into a Saab then careened into and on top of a Mini Cooper. The 2 witnesses I spoke to said the driver fled the scene on foot north down the Franconia stairs towards Peralta, then headed east on Peralta.

The police were on the scene pretty quickly and seemed to get a somewhat decent description of the suspect from witnesses. They confirmed that the car was stolen. Also, the police were then pointed to a few belongings that the suspect may have dropped on the Franconia stairs while fleeing – a couple of flashlights and a pretty large folding knife.

All in all, pretty startling, since he must’ve been driving pretty fast to cause such an acciden. All are lucky that no bystanders were hurt. Unfortunately, the two cars that got hit were in pretty rough shape though.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Peter

9 thoughts on “Mayhem Strikes as Thief Crashes Stolen Car on Mullen

    • Hey Miles, It happened in front of our place so your car will be safe until your return. I can’t say for sure but the damage seems to be more to the body rather than to the engine and frame (no fluid leaks). I was out teaching when it happened and came home and saw it. It looks like the Saab, parked in front of it, took the brunt of the crash. Sorry!

      • Thanks Hugh, we’ve been trying to get insurance to tow the car but they won’t give us a specific time because its not in “dangerous zone” – they said 24-48hrs from when we first called last night. Thanks for your patience, we’ll try to get it out as soon as we can.

    • Miles, my car got hit too (the Saab in front of yours). When are you back? I’ll make sure it’s towed out of the way before you are back.

  1. I think it’s ok. Do you want me to put a note on it so that folks know that you’ve been notified and are away?

    The police seem to have left a note on it. SFPD Case # 150 850 383, you may want to give them a call so they know about it etc.

  2. We are back and now dealing with insurance etc and contacting those of you who have left notes. Thanks to everyone for the info/help.

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