Bernal Neighbor Will Magically Transform Your Surplus Fruit Into Tasty Jam or Chutney


Are you up to your eyeballs in surplus fruit from your backyard fruit trees? Neighbor Jaiya would like to help:

Do you have fruit trees that are giving more than you know what to do with? Would you like to see that excess transformed into something delicious? I can turn your extra fruit into sweet preserves or savory chutneys. You provide the main ingredient, I come up with a recipe, make it, can it, and share the results with you.

I have been a home canner and baker for years, and love sharing what I make with friends. Since I’ve been living in an apartment in Bernal, I’ve had to venture outside the city limits to collect my favorite fruits for my home canning projects. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that there are abundant fruit trees (apples, pears, quince, figs, and meyer lemons) right here in Bernal Heights that are producing more than their owners can consume.

So, Bernal Neighbors… If you have extra fruit on your trees, let me turn it into a delicious treat to share with you. Just contact me at jaiyapie *AT* yahoo *DOT* com. I’m looking forward to meeting you, sharing recipe ideas, and enjoying the harvest.

Bon appetit!

PHOTO: Some jam and chutney made during the last few weeks, by Neighbor Jaiya

One thought on “Bernal Neighbor Will Magically Transform Your Surplus Fruit Into Tasty Jam or Chutney

  1. What an awesome thing to offer! Thank you and I wish I lived closer now a days. I had an apple tree dropping 10 apples a day on the ground! I do have a persimmion tree that will be ready around Thanksgiving. I’ll keep your email and contact you when I have excess.


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