Restored Esmeralda Slide Park Wins Fabulous San Francisco Beautiful Award


Remember just a few short months ago, when the historic and symbolic Esmeralda Slide Park was a sad ruin?

Blighted by the decaying forces of time, The City had to remove some of the wooden structures before they collapsed. Then came the rallying cry, and the heroic volunteer effort, and then the mini-park was restored and reborn. And now it’s won an amazing beautification award from San Francisco Beautiful.

Neighbors Joan Carson and Nancy Windensheim worked their tail-feathers off to make this happen, and without them, none of this would have happened. Here’s what they had to say about the recognition:

For all you folks who were waiting for the results of who is the winner of the SF Beautiful Award…

Being a nominee was cool enough, but Esmeralda Slide Park just went on record as the 2015 recipient of the Seven Hills Award.  This Award “recognizes nominees who have made a significant contribution to the creation of unique neighborhood character.”

There were 7 award categories and a winner for each. It’s very fitting Esmeralda Slide Park got the Seven Hills Award. Everybody knows Bernal is the ‘hood with the kick-ass slide; Now folks see we not only have the great slide, we have a plaza and park that is also awesome. It’s going to get even better, so stay tuned for more!

Hurray for our fabulous community, and bravo to everyone who has worked and will continue to work on the Esmeralda Slide Park.

See you at Esmeralda!

We did it! Our slides are both ass-kicking and award-winning.  Kind of like Kanye West, but with a much better attitude.

Most of all, a lot of very special thanks are due to Neighbors Nancy and Joan, who lead the charge to reconstruct the Esmeralda mini-park and make it better than ever. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Very, very well done, ladies:


PHOTOS: Courtesy of Neighbors Nancy and Joan

7 thoughts on “Restored Esmeralda Slide Park Wins Fabulous San Francisco Beautiful Award

  1. Just played on the slide this weekend with kids. Very much appreciated the rebuild. Thanks neighbors!

    ps. with the scorching hot sun these days, the slide is super dry and amazingly fast!

  2. Once again, thanks Bernalwood for your contribution to the Esmeralda Slide Park redo. We could have never rallied the troops and gotten word out as effectively without you! Your voice is invaluable.

  3. we love you nancy and joan! thank you from the bottom of our neighborly hearts. nancy and joan for president!!!

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