Thursday: Drink Wine, Eat Bites at the new Avenue Space on Mission

You might have already noticed it, but there’s a new business on the burgeoning Mission/La Lengua corridor, right across the street from our Taoist Safeway: Avenue.

But what is it? 

Avenue is an event studio and creative space pivotally located between the Mission and Bernal Heights neighborhoods. With the aim to inspire collaboration, Avenue celebrates local talents and innovative visions of the surrounding communities and beyond.

The 850-square-foot studio features 14-foot ceilings, a west-facing facade allowing profuse light, and ample wall space for art curation/installation. There is also a private conference room that comfortably accommodates 4-6 people.

We welcome you to our space! Use our beautiful canvas as a foundation for your creativity. Conduct meetings, parties, photo shoots, art shows, community events and more.

Neighbor Jennifer (of Andover Street) tells us Avenue will be hosting a Wine & Bites event this Thursday, September 17th, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, at Avenue.  They’re partnering up with Front Porch, Blue Plate, and Ichi to make it happen.

Get your tickets here, and all the details follow:


PHOTO: via Avenue

3 thoughts on “Thursday: Drink Wine, Eat Bites at the new Avenue Space on Mission

  1. The folks running this meeting place are perfectly nice. The acoustics in the space are pretty echo-ey, and they need to do something about that. As it is, I would not hold a meeting there with more than 3 people. It’s all hard surfaces and not conducive for conversation in a meeting environment. I attended a meet-and-greet there a month ago, and the noise level was not attractive. They need to either- put down a carpet (probably not a good idea), or do an acoustic ceiling, or hang drapes or something on the walls. I hope they can afford to make this improvement, as I think it is crucial to their survival.

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