Meet the Winner of Last Weekend’s Guacamole Taste Test Smackdown


Remember that Guac-Off guacamole competition Bernalwood told you about last weekend? The one at the glamorous Farmhouse Mansion on Folsom?

It sounded like a lot of fun — and rather tasty — so we asked organizer Luke Spray to tell us who won the guacamole taste-test. He writes:

On Saturday afternoon 150+ people converged on a magical piece of San Francisco, Dr.Rick’s Dr.Avocado’s Farmhouse Mansion, for the 4th Annual Indian Summer Guac-off.

We’re continually amazed at the type of people that a guacamole competition brings together. It’s like a litmus test for being a good human. We had more kids and dogs than we could count, and we brought in numerous strangers off the street to taste San Francisco’s best guacamoles.


33 contestants decided share guacamole with friends and strangers alike, and as always, that’s the true magic of the party. We had guac’s with bacon, guac’s with dill, even guac’s with tequila, but only one can be named the winner.


After voters registered (by taking a small shot of tequila) each person got to vote for their guacamole of choice, and the people and you ended up crowing Elle Garcia’s Simple Guacamole as the “Official Guacamole of San Francisco” and the winner of the amazing Guacamole Glory Trophy! Elle and her family recently moved here from Chicago, and she found out about the competition through her daughter, who (secretly) entered her in the competition.

Elle didn’t give away her secret ingredient, but she clamied that the Simple Guacamole was just that: simple. The rumor floating around the garden though was that Elle’s guacamole was the one that had the perfect amount of salt in it.


We gave away plenty of other prizes from our amazing sponsors. Prizes like most people brought to the party and best guacamole name. DSF made some absolutely amazing guacamole shirts, totes, koozies and aprons for us. PBR kept everyone loose and hydrated by supplying us with a ton of beer. Workshop, our local DIY institution awarded our winner Elle with some free classes. Alite, the best local outdoor company that there is gave away some of their (guacamole) cookware. Professional Fans and American Tripps gave away tickets to some of the hottest shows + ping pong parties in town. Tiny Warrior and George & Lennie—our two favorite coffee shops—gave away some free coffee. We forgot to give away the amazing prize pack from the best local radio station in SF,, so we ended up giving it to someone we enjoyed conversation with, which just proves that you should always talk to strangers.

In the end, it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. In years past we’re looked up to the trophy hoisted proudly into the sky on the first sunny weekend of the “summer”, as if it were reminding us of what the sun looks like. This year though the sun beat us to it, and the trophy was hoisted on a foggy San Francisco hilltop, surrounded by a broad variety of San Franciscans, as if to remind us that this City still has some magic left to share with us.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Luke Spray

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