Some More Recent Photographs by Bernalwood Shuttberbugs


It’s a holiday weekend, so let’s slow down for a moment to appreciate some of the scenery here in this place we are fortunate to call home by taking a peek at some of the photos shared in the Bernalwood Group on Flickr.

Regular Bernalwood readers know that shutterbug Jane Underwood is exceptionally good at seeing the beauty in everyday Bernal life, and her photo of Bernal Hill (shown above) is so vivid you can almost smell it.

Here’s a magnificent shot of the semi-secret swing on Bernal Hill, by Saulo Mohana:


Neighbor Markus Spiering took a moment to appreciate a recent summer night, as seen from his home in Santana Rancho:

Here’s another one from Neighbor Markus; a totally retro, color-coordinated set of a vintage VW beetle and a matching Bernal shoebox house.


Speaking of old VWs, bmeabroad captured this scene of the Bernal backwoods:


Neighbor Laurie Wigham has been busy with her watercolors, and I love this view looking east at a dog-walker, as seen from atop Bernal Hill:


Photographer m_travels has been on a quest to capture all the hills of San Francisco. This is her entry for Bernal; a loovley perspective on the camera-shy west slope, as seen from San Jose Ave:


If you go for a stroll around the neighborhood during the long weekend, take a few photos along the way, and share your very best with us in the Bernalwood Flickr Group. Happy wandering!

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