Earthquake Rattles Bernal Heights; Chert Defenses Hold, Matt Nathanson Predicted It


So, didyafeelit?

We definitely felt it in the Bernalwood Action Newsbedroom. It was a quick jolt, and the house creaked a little bit, and then it was over. The US Geological Survey says it was a magnitude 4.0, centered near Piedmont.


Once again, we are reminded to give thanks for our blessed Bernal Heights chert:


Although, things still got pretty gnarly at Neighbor Arno’s house:

Meanwhile, you may recall that the weather last weekend was rather conspicuously hot. And the air was rather conspicuously still.  And then this morning, the ground shook. Coincidence? Well, let’s just say that neighbohood rockstar and accidental seismologist Matt Nathanson wasn’t surprised:

IMAGE: Top, Seismic shake map from the 4.0 earthquake, 14 August, 2015.

15 thoughts on “Earthquake Rattles Bernal Heights; Chert Defenses Hold, Matt Nathanson Predicted It

  1. Was awake and didn’t feel a thing, in this one or the last one. Surprised to read about it a few hours later. South slope on Franciscan volcanic rock. Curious if people on different rock type had different experiences.

  2. I didn’t feel a thing either,& I was already having breakfast. I live on Moultrie,off of Crescent Ave.

  3. I was also awake and did not feel it, thereby confirming my belief that I live on the finest chert in Bernal Heights (Holly Park area).

  4. I was watching the news while it was happening. The weatherman started to lose his balance and stated that they were experiencing an earthquake. I felt nothing through the entire segment. Thank goodness for bedrock! We live on the Southside of Bernal near Gates and Cortland.

  5. I woke up (Bocana just off Cortland) ready to yell unjustly at my dog for jumping on my bed only to discover that she deserved the yell for responding to the quake by peeing in the downstairs hallway.

  6. Felt a slight jolt on the south slope (Prentiss and Ogden) while eating breakfast. Dogs didn’t even bother to move!

    • I’m only a block or so up the hill and we didn’t feel anything. I found out because a family member 500 miles away sent me a text.

  7. I heard the clasp on my dresser jingle, thought the cat ran under it but did not feel it. The dog didn’t even lift her head (Richland and Mission).

      • Ditto also a few blocks away from Precita. I was awake and on a teleconference and recognized the short jolt, but the dog barely blinked.

  8. Oh yeah. Just like the last one… felt like a dump truck had rammed the house. We’re on the southeast side.

  9. Live in St. Mary’s Park and I really thought the dump truck had run into a neighbors house. Gave the house a good jolt.

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