Piano Reappears Atop Bernal Hill, and The Rest Was Magic


Hooray! Once again, a piano reappeared on Bernal Hill yesterday…  and the rest was just music and magic.




And of course, the fun continued as the sun went down:

PHOTO: Top, Vicky.se

8 thoughts on “Piano Reappears Atop Bernal Hill, and The Rest Was Magic

  1. Yes, please, put me on the list for Bernalese keys too. I enjoyed the pianos in the Botanical Gardens in GG park two weeks ago, and would love to have been at this event too.

  2. We were there with out of town guests as they arrived! Couldn’t stick around for the concert due to dinner reservations at Red Hill (so keeping it in the ‘hood).
    I can report that they CARRIED it — 6 guys, if memory serves. They carried it on its “back” if that makes sense, up the paved road from the parking lot. They stopped just short of Sutrito. We didn’t see how they moved it over to the dirt from the road — I assume more heavy lifting!

  3. I wish it was possible to find a way to have a piano stay there legally for more than a day – or a week – by having a dedicated “spot” where it could be protected with not risk to fall around or annoy anyone with its noise.
    An old piano is – sadly – very cheap, and that would be more than great to see one stay up there…
    It could create some quite awesome encounters and vibe… with a few little rocks around to sit around and enjoy chill evenings as the sun goes down the hills.

    • Not everybody knows that there is already a resident piano at the bottom of the Hill in Melody Cafe’s garage (Mission and 30th). The note says “Play me, I’m game!” and many people have used it. It needs some repairs though.

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