Tuesday: Drink Wine, Eat Cheese, Plant a Tree In Front of Your Glamorous Bernal Heights Home



Psst. Hey! Want to get a tree in front of your house? Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) has scheduled one of their periodic Bernal Heights tree plantings for September, but the time to sign up to get a tree is now. FUF coordinator Kyle Lemle tells Bernalwood:

We at Friends of the Urban Forest are organizing a tree planting in the Bernal Heights on September 26th.

The deadline to apply for this planting is August 12th. The plantings are a fantastic way to build community, neighbors come and help each other plant their trees, and then join together for a community potluck at the end.

We are hosting a happy hour at Bernal resident John Monson’s house at 185 Lundys Lane, on Tuesday, July 21st. We will serve wine and cheese, answer any tree-related questions, and discuss ideas on how to plant more trees in Bernal Heights.

I will answer tree related questions and make sure we are set for a big neighborhood planting in Bernal Heights! We will have some wine and cheese and brainstorm outreach ideas to get even more trees planted in the neighborhood.

Can you make it?

Tree Planting “Happy Hour” for Bernal Heights
Where: The home of Neighbor John, 185 Lundys Lane (@Virginia), SF
Date: Tuesday, July 21st
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

PHOTO: Courtesy of Friends of the Urban Forest

2 thoughts on “Tuesday: Drink Wine, Eat Cheese, Plant a Tree In Front of Your Glamorous Bernal Heights Home

  1. Cool! Our FUF tree is about a year and a month old. FUF has popped by to train it (and new volunteers) at least three times since, and the tree’s doing great. We had a blast on planting day last year. Highly recommended for everyone!

  2. We so enjoyed the same community planting in the ‘80s – just remember that now that “tree” is yours and when you get a “white”spot it is up to you to repair the sidewalk – but having all of these trees have so improved our community

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