Bernal Drag Queen Home Listing May Be World’s Funniest Real Estate Video


The latest data from the real estate data people tells us that San Francisco’s median home sale price is now $1.16 milliion, while the median home sale price increase in Bernal Heights has skyrocketed by a gasp-worthy 97% between 2011 and today. Oh my.

It’s kind of absurd, which makes the new property listing video for 52 Mirabel an apt document for our times. 52 Mirabel is listed by Bernal neighbors and realtors Danielle Lazier and Michael Minson, and it has an asking price of $1,998,000. Neighbors Danielle and Michael went all-in on the “local culture” angle by creating a super-fun video for the home that stars the fabulous Mercedez Munro and Katya Smirnoff-Skyy as your glamorous tour guides:


Like much great comedy, the listing for 52 Mirabel holds up well to repeated listening, with lots of highly memorable, highly quotable lines. Take, for example, this description of the amenities:

On the lower level we have two large bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom!

Or Jack and Jack. Or Jill and Jill. Who are we to judge?

If there is a such a thing as a Real Estate Video Hall of Fame, this one seems like a shoe-in.

But darling, who are we to judge?

BONUS! Here is the blooper reel.

20 thoughts on “Bernal Drag Queen Home Listing May Be World’s Funniest Real Estate Video

      • It’s a simple, unnecessary concept taken to extremes. It’s charming. It’s an unexpected platform for local characters. It’s more interesting than what’s on network television, and despite being good, clean, hacky fun, most of America would find it downright subversive.

  1. Are they mocking this apartment or do they really want to sell this place? I don’t understand.

  2. I am not involved in SF real estate or looking for a house and stumbled on this video via Facebook. And…WOW….love it. So unique and different. It has a SF feel and sells the house beautifully.

    To all you above who “don’t get it” …get with it. This one stands out. Keep putting on your dull walk-thrus or infomercials. Just don’t expect to get the response that this place is getting. After all, you don’t really want people to be interested in your property, do you?

    • “Dull walk throughs” show the house to prospective buyers. This video is about the characters, and the house is secondary, and that’s why most real estate videos stick with “dull walk throughs.”

      Form follows function.

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