Bernal Heights Celebrates Landmark Supreme Court Victory

Marriage Equality0016

Neighbor Valerie just shared these photos; they’re a perfect way to celebrate today’s landmark Supreme Court decision that establishes nationwide legal status for same-sex marriage.

“Love always wins,” Neighbor Valerie says, and that right there is some pitch-perfect punditry for this most glorious Pride Week.

Congratulations, San Francisco! This took a long time, and lots of people worked very hard for it, but all that makes victory even more sweet.

Marriage Equality0001

PHOTOS: Neighbor Valerie

4 thoughts on “Bernal Heights Celebrates Landmark Supreme Court Victory

  1. Those photos bring happy, little tears to my eyes. Again today. Thank you for sharing. Neighbor Valerie, I hope you don’t mind that I posted your photo (2nd one down) on my personal FB page, incl the URL. If that’s bad manners, I will remove it post haste. It just so beautifully captures our neighborhood & the love that’s been let loose today.

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