Governmental Organic Autonomous Trimming System Activated Near Holly Park Reservoir


Neighbor Barbara reports on the herd of goats she saw yesterday near Holly Park Reservoir:

While walking in Bernal, this trusty reporter was startled by an odd sound near Holly Park, as documented in 2011.

Surveying the landscape, she realized there was a heard of goats munching on vegetation around the Great Reservoir off Holly Park Circle. The collection of goats, ranging from babies to adults, were happily munching on grasses and low-hanging branches, hemmed in by a temporary fence. When last reported in Bernalwood, this Governmental Organic Autonomous Trimming System (GOATS) was used for brush/fire management.

PHOTO: Neighbor Barbara

4 thoughts on “Governmental Organic Autonomous Trimming System Activated Near Holly Park Reservoir

  1. What I’d like to know is, what about the goat milk produced by munching on vegetation on Bernal Hill? Can residents get a discount on the goat cheese produced from our neighborhood?

  2. Does anyone know how long they’re going to be there? Not sure I can get over there before Saturday! They are amazing. Last time they were at the reservoir, I saw some goats standing on the backs of others!

  3. Are they City Grazing goats? We have had City Grazing clear the weeds from our HOA hillsides high atop Diamond Heights twice now. They are great! As is goat grr Genevieve Church who runs the menagerie.

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