Modern Druids Host Solstice Feast on Bernal Hill




It was the kind of feast that would have made the ancient Bernal druids proud.

Last night, on the evening of the solstice, a group of very resourceful, very tasteful friends hosted a proper dinner party on Bernal Hill, complete with white tablecloths, linen napkins, and porcelain plates.

A photo analysis by the Bernalwood Culinary Observation Team reveals that the menu included a fresh garden salad with feta and asparagus, accompanied by salmon served on a bed of orzo and lemon. Spa water with fresh berries was also provided. Solstice flower crowns were a fashion essential, and of course, the view was magnificent.

Bravo and well done, people. This looks delicious.

PHOTOS: Top two by @ohappyday; Bottom, Guillaume Lebleu

3 thoughts on “Modern Druids Host Solstice Feast on Bernal Hill

  1. Looks fun, but there was definitely some wind yesterday. Side note, every time I hear about Druids I can’t help but think about Spinal Tap’s Stonehenge.

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