Thursday: Bernal Brothers Exhibit Awesome, Big-Format Wilderness Photography


Neighbor Tim Mullen and his brother Mike are in the large-format photographic printing business, and tomorrow evening, May 14, he and his brother are hosting an exhibit of some California wilderness photos. Naturally, you are so invited:

Tim Mullen of the 200 block of Elsie Street here, writing to let you know of an event taking place on Thursday, May 14 that may be of interest to Bernalites.

I’m half of the Mullen Brothers Imaging team that made the historic photos that were on display at Pinhole Coffee. The other half of this team, Brother Mike, is working on the massive task of photo-documenting all of the lakes of Desolation Wilderness (just West of Lake Tahoe). There are hundreds of lakes there, both named and un-named. The project focusses on the natural beauty of this pristine wilderness, but also touches on the ideas of solitude in a state of 34 million people and the very timely issue of water scarcity.

On May 14, from 6 to 9 PM, our company Mullen Brothers Imaging will host a gallery exhibition of many of the images collected to date. Out gallery is at 2040 Oakdale Ave. in 94110.

PHOTO: Mullen Brothers Imaging

6 thoughts on “Thursday: Bernal Brothers Exhibit Awesome, Big-Format Wilderness Photography

  1. I think we have here a view of Susie Lake, with the arrow on the right pointing to Dick’s peak. Definitely worth a climb if you’re in that vicinity. Would love see more photos but can’t make it….

  2. i would like someone from bernalwood to contact me. i come in peace!!!!
    i lived on randall ./. chenery & church a few yrs (early-mid 80s). when did precitaville came to be? i enjoy the history you provide. a friend sends me your link:-)

    be well,

  3. Nice photos.


    I believe you mean “Large-format” meaning images on negatives larger than 35mm, or you mean “Large-print” if you are referring to the print sizes.

    • Well, c’mon…you’ve seen plenty of instances of Todd’s Photoshop ‘skills’. You think he’s gonna get the terminology correct?

      (I submit that gentle dig with all goodwill and smiley faces attached! We love your attempts at 3d type and drop shadows, Todd.)

      fwiw, the Mullen Bros call their output shop “large-format” based on a maximum Epson print size of 43×95″. So you would call that “large-print”. You also use a strange term “negatives” that we don’t hear much any more.

      In any case, sounds like a great opening/exhibit. I plan to attend. Maybe I’ll bring a loupe so we can really geek out.

  4. Wow! I didn’t know neighbor Tim was still on Elsie – he and I drifted apart after crossing paths many years ago on San Jose Ave…. Hi Tim! I’m now a Precitaville resident 🙂

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