Dispute Unsettled, but Bocana Neighbor Departs Home After Huge Rent Increase



Yesterday was a sad moving day for Neighbor Deb Follingstad, who had to leave her home at 355 Bocana after receiving a now-infamous 315% rent increase notice from the landlord, Neighbor Nadia Llama.

ABC7 updated the story last Friday:

Follingstad’s home is understandably a mess since the May 5 deadline to move is just days away. She says leaving her home of 10 years hurts. She explained to 7 On Your Side, “It’s so painful and I’ve had to uproot my life in a month.”

A move out sale Follingstad held attracted a steady stream of people. Until she finds a place to live, she plans to couch surf and house sit. Beyond that, her future is murky.

“I don’t know anymore. I can’t afford to live here. A lot of my friends can’t afford to live here and it’s pretty heartbreaking the way the city’s changing,” Follingstad said.

The home is registered as a single family home and the landlord believes it’s not covered by rent control laws.

Tenants rights attorney Joe Tobener calls this eviction by rent increase. He said, “It’s an easy way for landlords to try to get tenants out, to increase the rent.”

Tobener plans to file a lawsuit on Follingstad’s behalf. He is charging landlord Nadia Llama with wrongful eviction.

PHOTO: Top, Telstar Logistics. Below, Neighbor Deb Follingstad via ABC7

10 thoughts on “Dispute Unsettled, but Bocana Neighbor Departs Home After Huge Rent Increase

  1. I heard she Air BnBs the house as well as gained all the sq footage of the in law.

  2. You do what you gotta do, it’s just always a shock when someone does what they gotta do, to you.

  3. I don’t have sympathy for her since she tried earn off of someone else’s property via airbnb. If you want to live in the city, you gotta pay the piper. The rest of us do, what makes her so special?

    • The rent increase never mentioned her AirBnB activity nor did it mention the additional square footage she was “gifted” when the in-law unit was demolished. The rent increase was excessive with the sole purpose of forcing an eviction.

  4. She can easily move to Oakland. Oakland’s getting quite hip these days. What’s the big deal?

  5. I have been close to Nadia for many years now, and she is a good person. I know the rest of her family enough to say, “Hi”… I am NOT going to gossip about her business. But remember, there are 2 sides (or more) to every story…

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