Lost Bernal Dog Navigates to Familiar Mission District Bar


If you were tuned in to Bernalwood’s social media channels yesterday, you may have seen the appeal to help find Luna, a Bernal Heights dog who escaped from a caregiver’s yard in the Panhandle while her owner was out of town traveling. A frantic search effort was undertaken, and there were reports that Luna had been seen along the Embarcadero and in the Mission.

Happily, Luna was found late yesterday afternoon after wandering in to a familiar watering hole. Cassie tells Bernalwood:

Thanks so much for posting about the dog. Luna was found yesterday evening at a bar in the Mission called The Sycamore that her owners frequent. Smart pup. She was reunited with her owner last night. We can’t believe it and are so relieved.

Clever drinky doggy indeed. Whew!

PHOTO: Luna, once lost, now found

11 thoughts on “Lost Bernal Dog Navigates to Familiar Mission District Bar

  1. Happy ending for Luna the Lush! What a smart doggie.

    A similar thing happened to one of our Treat St neighbors (also helped by reported sightings tracked here as I recall), but their dog was found at McLaren park. Clearly our neighbor dogs have different priorities! 🙂

  2. Awesome! So happy for the owners! Yet another reason why bars that allow dogs are a “good thing”.

  3. When I first got my dog, I walked her ALL around Bernal hill so that if she ever strayed while off leach at the top of the hill, she’d know her way home. That did happen a few times. I just sat on the front steps and she eventually showed up.

  4. Yay Luna! Next time you miss your guardians just stare out the window please, it is safer.

    We are fairly certain that if our dog gets loose she will head to Mission St. to her two favorite spots to hangout, New College Hill Market for some Boar’s Head meat and St. Mary’s Pub for popcorn and dog treats.

  5. I love this community! I’m Luna’s mom and, as you can imagine, I was in agony being so far away while she was missing those 24 hours. But I was also deeply moved by how quickly my neighbors (and many others) hit the streets searching for her, putting up fliers, posting on social media, etc. Luna is a beloved Bernal dog indeed and I’m ever more grateful for living here.

    During the 24 hours she went missing from the panhandle area, Luna was sighted at Chrissy Field, then the Mission, then the Embarcadero area, before making her way to a place she recognized and considered safe enough to go for help — the Sycamore. Who says drinking doesn’t pay off? The Sycamore is not just a bar, it’s a community as well. I’m grateful that they recognized her right away. Customers and staff alike took good care of her until my boyfriend could arrive to pick her up.

    She’s limping around because her paw pads are pretty torn up (you might see her wearing some embarrassing black socks), but otherwise she’s going to be fine. Thank you Bernal neighbors! You can follow Luna’s happier adventures on Instagram @luna_gang. Or we’ll see you at Precita Park!

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