New Video: Bernal Heights Spring 2015

David C. Hill just published a lovely and atmospheric video that’s all about Bernal’s favorite subject: Us!

It’s called Bernal Heights Spring 2015, and it will pair nicely with a large screen and headphones.

Special celebrity guest stars include: That spooky tree-shrub thingy!  The South Van Artery! Sutrito Tower! And of course… Karl the Fog!

Plus: Dogs! Sun! Colorful light! And plenty of Bernal neighbors shown in atmospheric silhouette.

Enjoy your journey.

16 thoughts on “New Video: Bernal Heights Spring 2015

  1. “Bernal’s favorite subject: Us!”

    Um, no.

    Bernal Heights isn’t myopic. Being in love with the neighborhood does not define it. Bernalwood is one part of a smallish big city. It’s a staging ground, not the heart.

    The “aren’t we wonderful” aspect of Bernalwood is grating. Living in SF is not a competition between neighborhoods, it’s a shared pleasure in the resources and variety the city offers. Every neighborhood has its charms. For this reader, Bernalwood often comes across as overcompensating because it’s not quite comfortable in its own skin, which is sad. It’s like the kid with the new toy who has to prove his toy is better than any other toy. It’s just a toy, it’s just a neighborhood.

    • Hey Byrd,
      I agree with the gist of your comments. Though I do applaud the publishers’ spirit of community and celebration, since I so enjoy living in Bernal, the moments of implied atavistic tribalism that often color this blog are a bit off-key, especially at such a crazy time in this world when humanity needs all the non-exclusionary, emotionally mature embrace we can summon. But I just ignore it (as I suspect most of the readers that come here do) and enjoy the bulk of what’s offered here, such as the very, very beautiful video in this post.

      And the truth is that this community is strong and inclusive enough to survive any amount of middle-school rah-rah, as well as dissenters such as you and me (and there must be many others), along with those who speak up to make us not-okay. That diversity is itself worth celebrating.

  2. The video doesn’t even strike me as being about Bernal. It’s more about Bernal’s place in a great city.

    The “god be with you” part at the end throws water on the pleasure of having watched.

  3. Pride in place is a very normal and human thing. This is a nice piece that reminds me that I need to climb that hill more often and that when others are searching for good things to do in our city, outside of Fisherman’s Wharf, that it can include our “real” neighborhood.
    And it would appear that the title of the music is called “god be with you.” Jeeesh.

  4. i assume those of you who don’t have Apple computers are actually able to watch that without it coming to an abrupt halt within a few seconds.

  5. “The “aren’t we wonderful” aspect of Bernalwood is grating.”

    Byrd, I think you might have gotten lost on the internet, so I’m going to try to help. This is a blog named (not the least bit ironically) Bernalwood. See what they’ve done there? It’s essentially a one-word declaration to all readers of the forthcoming, sloppy, sweaty, neighborhood self-love. Maybe you should instead be reading the many other Bernal-based blogs which celebrate neighborhoods other than Bernal Heights. For instance, my favorite is the BernalWould blog which highlights all of the things Bernal Heights would be — if only it were actually some other neighborhood.

    • Sloppy sweaty self-love? The whole neighborhood?

      It sounds awfully messy… 🙂

      (Also: Bernalwould… rotfl)

  6. When I watched this video, what I felt was a joy at finally feeling ‘at home’ and connected in a neighborhood of San Francisco. Pleasure at seeing the hills and vistas and a few dogs that have become so familiar and soul-calming to me over the past nearly 3 years. And, gratitude that I live in this beautiful spot in a city that I love! Believe me, there have been years and places when I didn’t feel this way so I know what a gift it is and I don’t take it for granted.

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