Vehicle Crashes in Closed Area of Bernal Hill Summit, Suspects Detained


Reports are just coming in, but Neighbor Devon shared this [strangely beautiful] photo of an automobile crash at the very summit of Bernal Hill this morning, above the barrier gate near Sutrito Tower:

I’m not sure how they got through the barrier. I was near the top and witnessed it from 20ft away on the other side of the barrier. The drivers were speeding up the service road and crashed near the bench. The driver told me not to call the cops, and said he was Steve Jobs. They fled into the cellular tower gate. The suspects were in police custody when I left.

@bernaljournal (who is not the same as the Bernal Journal newspaper) reports that the perps apparently went Dukes of Hazzard through the gate:

23 thoughts on “Vehicle Crashes in Closed Area of Bernal Hill Summit, Suspects Detained

  1. Anyone notice guys doing donuts all over the place lately? On one night a group of 20+ cars were going for a half hour down near bayshore.

    • Yes. About 2-3 weeks ago it was ridiculous in the Farmer’s/Flea market parking lot. By the time someone calls the cops they disappear, and without blocking all three exits from there, they have no shot at stopping them.

    • I thought cops do donuts… ;-D

      You mean a “sideshow” supporting the auto tire manufacturing industry!
      Or is it sponsored by the latter for upping sales?

      The Barneveld/Loomis intersection seems to be the newest paygound

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  3. Maybe they were looking to squat up there after a massive rent increase on the Bernal apartment.

  4. I was eye to eye with the perps… It was a male and a female: the male was having a full on psychotic episode. Scary/crazy.
    He looked a little like Hunter Pence ! : ) – was carrying a coffee mug in one hand and a back pack in the other…

    • Human garbage 😦 how do these people get access to motor vehicles? Why can’t they be on foot or bike like many of us?

  5. I was walking my dog and was near the gate when he rammed into it three times to break it open. He was honking his horn and hitting the gas hard to smash the gate. We yelled at people on the closed road above to get out of the way before he came speeding toward them…. And then- It took forever for SFPD to arrive. Very very scary and bizarre.

  6. Glad no one got hurt. The damage is still cheaper than paying to institutionalize all schizophrenics, so the gov’t has a business case to let them romp in the wild. As they prefer to.

  7. From the Ingleside Station Newsletter:

    7:20am Bernal Heights/Anderson Vandalism
    The third time was not a charm for two young lovers who wanted to park in a spot with a view of the City. The man and woman decided to consummate their feelings by the Bernal Heights radio tower. However, the road to the tower is protected by a gate thwarting their amorous plans, but only for a short minute. The lovers decided that no gate was going to prevent a wonderful morning so the two, in their Honda Civic, rammed the gate to gain entrance. But the gate didn’t break. So, they backed up and hit the gate a second time and again the gate held tight. The third time, they backed up even farther, and successfully broke open the gate, before speeding up the access road to the top of the hill. All the noise alerted nearby residents and dog walkers who promptly called police. Ingleside Officers Wong and Chang responded and found the couple, and their severely damaged Honda, parked near the radio towers. Both were put in custody and the driver, who didn’t have a valid California license or insurance, was booked for trespassing, vandalism, malicious mischief, and other charges. Report number: 150233507

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