A Neighborhood Egg Sandwich Worthy of the Precita Name


Precita Avenue is a relatively old street, by Bernal Heights standards. It was established in the early 1850s, around the time of the Gold Rush, and to this day Precita Avenue’s zigs and zags mirror the meandering banks of the former Precita Creek, even though the creek was buried under Army/Cesar Chavez more than a century ago.

The Precita Egg Sandwich at the Precita Park Cafe is a relatively new creation, by Bernal Heights standards. You’ll find it near the top of the breakfast menu on the Precita Park Cafe wall, and it consists of an egg cooked with cheddar cheese, pancetta, arugula, tomato, black pepper, and a hint of aioli, served on an english muffin or pain de mai. A bottle of El Tapatio hot sauce is also provided for those who seek an enhanced experience.


All that, made with love, for just under seven bucks.

I mention this because last weekend Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter and I took a pair of Precita Egg Sandwiches for a late-morning test drive, and we appreciated the fact that our sandwiches were both delicious and eponymous (and vice-versa).

In essence, the Precita Egg Sandwich is a wholesome, homegrown interpretation of the classic McBreakfast staple. It delivers a comforting dose of savory proteins, lively greens, fresh bread, and deep flavors. Not too fancy. Not too fussy. Plus, compared to that McBreakfast thing, the Precita Egg Sandwich is 93.2% more yummy and 100% certified guilt-free. In Bernalwood’s long-term neighborhood tests, the Precita Egg Sandwich has consistently been a happiness-inducing way to start the day.

Most importantly, the Precita Egg is a breakfast sandwich worthy of the Precita name. It’s a Bernal breakfast that was worth waiting 160+ years for.

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