Loud Man at Bernal Library Urges Homosexuals, Hedonists, Sinners to Repent


Bernal alum Peephole filmed this gentleman calling our attention to the perils of sin and damnation yesterday, in front of the Bernal Heights public library:

Here’s the video:

30 thoughts on “Loud Man at Bernal Library Urges Homosexuals, Hedonists, Sinners to Repent

  1. I post not to condemn this outrage, but rather to celebrate the fact that we live in a particular time and place where such an individual is a sideshow act, rather than a local political force.

      • My 12 year old son enjoys practicing his debating skills with this guy. Library yeller might be crazy but he is always polite. Let’s send library yeller all our teenagers!

    • In response to Maureen, he does seem to have an effect on the 12 year olds. My normally introverted tween daughter spontaneously yelled at him on Halloween as he ranted and raved on the steps. She said “Go away! Let the people have their fun- what are you so afraid of ?!!!” His schtick does seem to be intensifying, which is worrisome.

    • Hear hear. I grew up in and moved away from that kind of place. As a sideshow, it’s a much more manageable spectacle than, like, him being the governor.

  2. I’ve seen this guy before. someone needs a fucking day job. if he told me I’d be burning in a lake of fire I’d tell him “see ya there!”

  3. I work as a psychiatric nurse and this man may or may not have a mental illness but I do see many in this state when they are manic or psychotic. It is sad that when treated for the mental illness someone like this might be perfectly rational and would never consider this kind of behavior nor even hold these opinions
    . In this state the man is not dangerous so he would not fit the criteria for a mental heath hold (5150). Glad he is not my son. Parents can’t get treatment for those loved ones afflicted.

  4. He is a meth addict i have seen him entering the local gambling shack on mission across the street from the 76 gas station he is very abusive when he is detoxing or too high he went completely Krazy when i told him i would be nice and warm in hell with my GIRLFRIEND and that he was just mad that he probably payed for sex and he was going to see me down at the gay party the devil was throwing for us hahaha he was mad its sad he thinks the way he does

    • If he was also carrying a stuffed monkey, he is the same guy who was up a tree at the top of Eugenia steps yesterday. Yelling and laughing.
      I don’t know what his relationship with the monkey is, but it does invite speculation.

  5. Guys like this are like a pit bull – Innocuous for the most part perhaps but you just never know.

  6. Several weeks ago my 10 year old daughter was too frightened to go into the library because of him. He’s so very angry and despite my encouraging her to ignore him, she was simply too afraid to go anywhere near the entrance. That’s not OK and he should not be allowed to frighten people. I believe that’s the definition of a public nuisance and he should be escorted way by the police.

    • Yes that’s quite enough from him. He couldn’t get away with this in front of a commercial business and he most absolutely shouldn’t be able to get away with it in front of a children’s library. It’s not specially protected political speech, it’s aggressive and hostile disturbance of the peace and nuisance.

    • If ever again your daughter is frightened by a piece of shit like this guy, please call the police and let them kknow he is frightening children. Thats the only way anything will get done

      • I’m annoyed by this man but he his not a “piece of shit.” He is a human, our neighbor suffering from a mental illness. Free speech includes hearing stuff we do not like. If he was violent that would be a different story but I have seen this guy around for years and never seen any violent action.

  7. he’s been at it for years. every sunday and tuesday night (and any holiday where people may be out and about). He lives on Moultrie and walks a total of 1/2 block from his place to the library to go disturb everyone. He’s a royal pain in the ass and judging by the repetitious garbage he yells, likely doesn’t know much about the bible other than the “lake of fire” crap.

  8. I’ve seen this fellow. His behavior is unfortunate, but he seems to be mentally ill, and is ranting without reason. I do wish society could truly help those like him. 51/50’s don’t do much good outside of keeping someone off the streets for a short period of time…

  9. In NYC this guy would be picked up so fast and sent to bellevue. Why in SF do the police just walk past folks like this ?

  10. Totally agree with nsfw.
    In NY State guys like this would be picked up fast & committed for a very long time.
    This guy & others hang around the library as well as in front of St Kevin. They yell, threaten, start fights, get drunk, deal/do drugs. Does anyone ever call the police? I have when being harassed while going to Piques. This type of behavior should not have to be tolerated.
    Once you get past Moonlight Café, Cortland Ave becomes very sketchy.

  11. IMO,
    Tony is not crazy or mentally ill and not a harm to himself either. Stop with the call the cops (5150) and have him locked up shit. He has an unpopular opinion with Christianity, which I don’t share, and airs it rather vocally. When he’s engaged negatively (possibly antagonized then video recorded) he gets louder. If you walk by him and say “no thanks” he says “god bless” and that’s it. If you or child are scared of him, it’s your right to call SFPD and notify them of the situation and the facts.

  12. Hmmm….all this spilled ink over someone exercising his right of free, though admittedly hateful, speech in a public space. If he’s alleged to deal drugs and start fights, by all means, get a video of THAT and call the police.

    What I wonder is, where is the concern over bicyclists riding on the Cortland sidewalk while talking on the phone, the hand wringing over unleashed dogs, now not only in Holly Park, but on the sidewalks as well. These actions ARE against the law. Or is the law only for stopping the behavior of those we don’t like?

  13. “Library yeller might be crazy but he is always polite.” I’m gonna have to disagree with this one. My partner and I (two dudes) live less than a block away from the library. We’re pretty well acquainted with him at this point, and I don’t have any qualms about his right to do what he’s doing, but he’s definitely scared the shit out of our kids. The first time it happened, we were walking with our youngest. I did my best to bite my tongue and just walked by him. But he recognized our youngest after that and shouted something at him along the lines of, “You’ll burn in the lake of fire too, little kid, don’t think you’re safe because your homosexual dad says so.” THAT freaked me out, and I indulged myself in my first–and hopefully only–shouting match with the jerk.

    We’ve made him a total punchline joke in our house to help youngest deal with it. It was awesome because one night we were on our way to dinner at Moki’s and the guy did it again–focusing on our kids–and our awesome waitress brought us (adults and all) coloring book pages to help us shake it off. Youngest’s awesome response work is still on our fridge (I don’t know how to share it in a comment, but I put it in the Bernalwood Flickr group).

  14. Why do we assume he’s mentally ill? In the video he’s as lucid as any backwater preacher I’ve seen.

  15. You can rest assured that the caustic, agressive, unforgiving judgements this guy is hurling at the world are being even more destructively aimed at himself, though he may be too emotionally shut down to be aware of his self-hatred, as are many fundamentalists. If he could be shown a way to lighten-up on his self-judgements he would then rein in his vitriol toward others. Meantime, he shouldn’t be allowed to scare the neighborhood children, who don’t yet have a context in which to assess his misery as being entirely his own.

  16. I do not think he is mentally healthy, and sympathize with the neighbors who have to deal with this kind of hate-speech directed at them regularly. I think it is reasonable to complain to the library workers if he is limiting access to this public resource by appearing threatening to people, or to call the non-emergency police number. He has harassed neighbors for years with offensive stuff like this, but it has definitely gotten worse. It would be great if there were resources to both help him and prevent people from having to take abuse from him.

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