Four-Legged Foodies Rejoice: Fancy Pet Food Store Opening on Precita Park


The commercial space on the northwest corner of the Precita/Alabama intersection has seen many transitions in recent years.

That wasn’t always the case; For around 100 years, it was just a typical San Francisco corner store. That changed in 2011, when the corner store closed. Then it became an ill-fated children’s art center and gym, which was followed in by an ill-fated pet grooming shop.

Now the wheel has turned again, and 433 Precita is set to become… a natural pet food store!

The new place is called Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Food, and Bernalwood is told it will offer a mix of house-made and locally produced organic dog and cat cuisine, in all your favorite flavors. Like, for example, Canine Beef, Yams, and Broccoli


… or Feline Turkey and Polenta:


The full menu of Jeffrey’s house-made food is right here.

The About page tells us:

Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods is the best source of raw, organic and all natural pet foods, treats, supplies and information in San Francisco. At Jeffrey’s, we make our own locally sourced, fresh, handmade pet foods and treats.

Jeffrey’s Fresh Meat Pet Foods are prepared five days a week, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Our food contains only the highest quality ingredients: raw, free range meats free from hormones and antibiotics, fresh organic vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Our food is a great choice for your dog or cat.

The Precita Park outpost will be Jeffrey’s third; the other two are in The Castro and North Beach.

If all goes according to plan, Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods will be open this weekend. No word on plans for weekend brunch service; or if they do wedding, bar mitzvah, or quinceañera catering; or if reservations are required for parties of more than six.

Meanwhile, if you listen carefully, you might just hear the sound of a certain change-averse Bernal neighbor‘s head imploding just a few blocks away: “Gourmet organic pet food?  Whaaaaaaaaaat???!”

PHOTOS: Top, Telstar Logistics. Below, Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods

14 thoughts on “Four-Legged Foodies Rejoice: Fancy Pet Food Store Opening on Precita Park

  1. Welcome Jeffrey’s. I hope the business goes well and bring a lot of value to pet-owners. Selfishly, I wish it was a people’s gourmet food store since we could use more options for casual night dinners around here, but hey, maybe that will come soon. Good luck!

  2. Jeffery’s is SO much more than just fancy dog food. They have everything you need for your furry pup or kitty! Also, the staff there know a ton. A great resources and a great addition to the neighborhood!

    • When will he find the time when he’s chasing techies down the street, waving his cane in the air and yelling “get off my lawn!”

  3. Jeez, I hope this blog doesn’t devolve into a petty, mean-spirited verbal lynching of anyone who dares have a differing opinion of the prevailing status quo.

    • Thanks for this. Many of us are not change adverse. We have different values. Our dog made it to a healthy 17 eating what Safeway had on sale.
      I find it hard to justify gourmet pet food when there is so much food insecurity among human.

      • It’s pretty misleading to be labeling Jeffrey’s as a gourmet food pet store. Jeffrey’s is a small business pet store owned by a Bay Area local, that just so happens to sell good quality pet food. I’m not sure how it is now, but they also use to sell locally sourced pet treats and food. I’m not sure if food “produced locally” qualifies as “gourmet” simply due to the proximity to the business. Beyond the proximity, there’s nothing “gourmet” about it. It’s just good quality pet food that’s not shipped over from China. They also sell toys, balls, dog clothing, and everything else you’d find at Pet Co. Support local businesses!

  4. there’s so much expendable income in these parts it’s not a big surprise people choose to spend it on gourmet pet food. i just hope they make sure their gourmet feces aren’t left on the streets and parks.

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