New Music Video Showcases Bernal Heights (and Neighbor Eric)


A terrific local band has a terrific new video to back their terrific new song… and we couldn’t help but notice that the video includes lots of glamorous scenes shot around Bernal Heights.

The band is The Tropics, and its members include Claire George, Eric Silverman, Nate Skelton, Kern Sigala, and Rowan Peter.

Extra Bonus: Eric Silverman is actually Neighbor Eric, an esteemed resident of Precita Avenue. (That’s Neighbor Eric, looking all shaggy-sexxxy, at far left in the image up above.)

The video was directed by Frank Door, and asture viewers will also enjoy the dramatic burrito-eating footage filmed inside the distinctive yellow walls of Taqueria Cancun in La Lengua. Real rockstars eat at Cancun — just like us!

Big congrats to Neighbor Eric and The Tropics, and enjoy their new vid:

PHOTO: The Tropics via Facebook

7 thoughts on “New Music Video Showcases Bernal Heights (and Neighbor Eric)

  1. Rowan Peter??? Well I guess with a name like that you have no choice but to be a musician. Song and video were great, keep up the good work!

  2. I can always hear a band practicing on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons – could this be them?? Music can be heard in the southern central area of Bernal Heights, just south of Cortland. It has been a mystery for 2+ years, but the musicians are always polite (never play too loud or too late).

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