Andi’s Market Now Serving Fresh Deli Sandwiches on Cortland


Neighbor Andrea Cohen from Andi’s Market at 820 Cortland tells Bernalwood she’s added fresh deli sandwiches to her store’s repertoire  — as well as a secure way to receive package deliveries:

When I was first considering taking over the old JC Market, one of the comments I heard over and over from Bernalites was that Cortland Avenue had no traditional sandwich deli—a place when you could get in and out with a fat sandwich, potato or macaroni salad or chips and a drink for $10 (or under). So now we’re doing that, and it’s <finally!> up and running.

We’re hand-slicing the basics: pastrami, roast beef, ham, turkey, salami, chicken breast, tuna salad and putting it on fresh Dutch crunch and sweet French rolls or wheat or sourdough bread. We also have gluten free bread for those who need it. We found an awesome old panini maker in the back of the store, had it refurbished, and can grill sandwiches as well. Green salads are fresh and simple—they can be ordered with or without deli meat.

Right now the deli is staffed at lunch (from 10am to 2pm), but if you want to pick up a sandwich later in the day, you can call it in between ten and two and we’ll have it ready. We also have a handful of “grab and go”. The macaroni and potato salads are great. We’ve priced everything sanely—and we’re using Columbus meat and high quality cheeses.

Also, separately, wanted to mention that we now have a Swapbox automated kiosk at the store — it’s a physical location for packages to be picked up and delivered. The box is at the store year-round, but is extra handy around the holidays for those not home to sign for packages. It’s a great way to avoid having packages stolen, and it’s easy to set up online.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Andi’s Market

12 thoughts on “Andi’s Market Now Serving Fresh Deli Sandwiches on Cortland

  1. I have been using Andi’s since they opened. The clerks are fabulous, service is great and if they don’t have it they will get it. I gave up my senior discount at Good Life because they are so awesome. They really go out of their way to help you. I tried the deli and it was delicious.

  2. If Andi’s sandwiches are nearly as good as the great sandwiches made at Canyon Market, they’ll be very fine indeed.

  3. Bernal USED to have a sandwich deli that did everything mentioned here. It was the place run by the Filipinos; I forget the name. But they were forced out by high rent, and the people who took it over, well did they ever open?

    The Filipino place had excellent adobo and lumpia. Also, it was the ONLY place in town I could continue to get a liverwurst sandwich! Whenever I was in Bernal and hungry I stopped there. The sandwiches were low-priced, usually not more than about $3, very tasty and filling.

    That said, I’m pleased that JC’s has changed hands. It’s definitely an improvement.

    • David, was the previous spot really forced out by high-rent? The food used to be fantastic, best value around, good lumpia, good BBQ, and a huge variety of good & cheap sandwiches, but the last few years they were there the place was not good. shelves weren’t stocked and they stopped selling a lot of things on the menu like the rice plates, and the lumpia was not the same…I am hoping the new place will finally open and i hope it will be a good spot!

  4. Had a sandwich at Andi’s on my lunch break a couple weeks back. Totally worth forsaking my packed lunch to get something tasty and warm on a wet day!

  5. I’m a little suspicious of the bright yellow mustard visible in the pictured sandwich, but I am hoping Andi also has traditional brown deli mustard on her condiment tray as well. Everything else looks great!

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