It’s Election Day! Vote Today! Vote Often! Vote Bernal!


Citizens of Bernalwood!

This is a public service announcement to remind you that today is Election Day 2014. Get thee to your local polling place, and vote!

If anyone is in the mood to compare notes on how they voted on any of the local propositions or elected offices, feel free to transform the comments into a virtual town square. Or coffee shop. Or dinner conversation. Just not talk radio.  Or those call-in shows. Talk radio or call-in shows, not so much please.

PHOTO: Polling place on Mirabel, Nov. 4, 2014, 9:45 am, by Telstar Logistics

One thought on “It’s Election Day! Vote Today! Vote Often! Vote Bernal!

  1. You can see all my choices on my “I’ve read my voters guide so you don’t have to” at – and voted first thing in the morning at the firehouse on Richland at Holly Park.

    Yes on C, G, E, Torlakson, 47, and I think Ammiano has earned the privilege of choosing his successor so we should vote for Campos.

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