Saturday Morning: Come Out to Clean Up Precita Park


Neighbor Demece, the reigning queen of the terrific Precita Valley Neighbors, invites Bernalese of all ages to join in for a Precita Park Cleanup, on Saturday, November 1 at 9 am:

Bring your bags, hand shovels, and rakes! We are going to Clean Up Precita Park!

This Saturday at 9:00a.m., meet in the Children’s Playground. Neighborly conversation and friendship provided!

And don’t be shy: tell your neighbors to get our emails by signing up at! It’s free and fun!

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One thought on “Saturday Morning: Come Out to Clean Up Precita Park

  1. Any chance the City will clean up that broken pipe near the bench? Maybe one of the Precita neighbors is a plumber and can work some magic this weekend.

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