What Are the Answers to These Sutrito Tower Mysteries?



Neighbor Alicia has noticed some cool new stuff near Sutrito Tower on Bernal Hill, and she’s wondering if anyone has more details:

Do you know anything about the JOY art installation with the Hafiz poem on Bernal Hill? Or the spinny thing that is attached to the fence around Sutrito Tower?

Anyone? Please enlighten us.

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7 thoughts on “What Are the Answers to These Sutrito Tower Mysteries?

  1. looks like a mini wind generator to bond with metal fence to give harmonic wind chimes…long stretch
    waves from that small apparatus not have the physics scale to go large…just a nice gesture or for private close sitting by..sip wine…enjoy the day on the hill…

  2. the JOY could be some of my Sisters, who live in Bernalwood on Andover in “the Grrlistan Convent”. JOY is one of our principles.

    i will ask The Order and get back atcha.

    (NB: i’m Grrlistan’s Secretary of the Treasury, on Winfield.)

    afa “the spinny thing”, sorry, i have no clue.

    Sister Dinah Might, If You Ask Her Right

  3. I have no answers but I’m still miffed that they–without a community involvement process– changed the apparatus, rendering our old T-shirts and other graphics obsolete 😉

  4. The level of joy on BH always rises when the Giants are in the World Series. If we win, the joy is sky high. GO GIANTS!

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