Globetrotting French Family Gets Proper Bernal Welcome Near Yosemite


Remember that globetrotting French family that was parked on Bernal Hill last weekend?

Neighbor Dawn, the patron saint of El Rio, hoped to give them a proper Bernal welcome… but she arrived on the Hill after they’d already departed. Nevertheless, she did eventually succeed in her quest. Neighbor Dawn tells the tale:

I read your recent post on the French family in bernal and was thrilled, as I love those vehicles and folks making travels like this wonderful group. I immediately went up to the hill to say hello and offer them my house to park and rest, but they were already gone. I got the best surprise though…

I live part time in a small town near Yosemite, and as i came up this week, guess who i discovered along the road? I invited them to stay with me, and we just had the most wonderful couple of days visiting with them. They are on their way thru Yosemite now.

Thank you for saying hello to them to begin with, and the blog post. It was such a pleasure for me to meet them!

PHOTO: The Cébron Family, by Neighbor Dawn