To Assuage Bernal-Envy, Noe Valley Commissions Bernal Artist to Create Gorgeous New Mural


Pity, those poor souls from Noe Valley, and the cruel torment of their Gatsby Complex.

It’s well known that many residents to our west suffer from a deep-seated sense of longing and envy as they stare at the glamorous majesty of Bernal Hill from their homes in Noe Valley. So it should perhaps come as no surprise that even if those tormented Noe Valley people can never hope to be us, some have realized that they can at least acquire pieces of Bernal awesomeness — in the form of large-scale paintings by Bernal artists.

Case in point is the new mural that was recently completed on the side of a building at the corner of Church and Day. It’s a gorgeous creation from Neighbor Amos Goldbaum, who was born and raised in Bernal Heights and still lives in tony Precitaville.

Neighbor Amos’s Bernal Hill t-shirts have become a must-have fashion accessory for in-the-know Bernalese, so his many fans here will instantly recognize his style when they see the new mural in Noe Valley. It’s classic Amos Goldbaum:


amosmural3The (excruciatingly envious) Noe Valley Voice ran a picture of the Neighbor Amos’s new mural on the cover of the September 2014 issue, and they report that the mural is based on a 1945 photo Neighbor Amos found of the intersection at Dolores and 25th Streets:


Meanwhile, Neighbor Amos also unveiled a new t-shirt design, featuring his own riff on the San Francisco city seal. You know, that cute little logo-thing that summarizes the early history of San Francisco on the doors of Our City’s luxurious vehicle fleet? The one that’s all, Oro en Paz! Fierro en Guerra! and all that?

Neighbor Amos turned that into a t-shirt, and Bernalwood snapped this (strangely daemonic) photo of him with it during a recent street fair:


Supplies are limited, but you can get a better look at Neighbor Amos’s new City Seal shirt here, or view his entire — and entirely fashionable — t-shirt collection here.

Congrats on the mural, Neighbor Amos!

PHOTOS: Amos on ladder courtesy of Amos Goldbaum. All other photos by Telstar Logistics

14 thoughts on “To Assuage Bernal-Envy, Noe Valley Commissions Bernal Artist to Create Gorgeous New Mural

  1. Please make some t-shirts in women’s styles — the unisex are really
    for men and totally unflattering on women.

  2. Could there be a more bitter, scathing indictment of the architects of our boxy “Mid-Century Modern” housing?

    I wonder if any of those architects are still alive, and whether they torture themselves for what they did to our landscape.

    I guess Sutro tower has become hipster-chic. 15 years ago everyone (especially radiophobes) wanted it pulled down.

  3. I passed by this mural a couple days ago and thought it looked great. Not a huge fan of murals or graffiti but the minimalism and the colors are pretty awesome.

    “radiophobes” love it. i know people who didn’t want wi-fi in their house. little do they understand how many frequencies are constantly pelting their bodies both man made an inert.

  4. A friend “unfriended” me on F*cebook because I told her she was not getting headaches from the smart meter outside her bedroom window. I explained that the smart meters transmit data only a few seconds every day, that the power is even lower than a cell phone, and that TV transmitters on Mt Sutro are putting out signals in the hundreds of thousands of watts in the same bands – 470MHz and 800MHz. I suggested that her headaches, ear ringing, and nausea were likely the result of a SINUS INFECTION, and that there was no way it was the result of a smart meter.

    Now she won’t even talk to me.

  5. Anybody remember the old mural on that wall?

    I have a Fillmore poster from a Pavement show from the same artist!

  6. I watched Amos take a break from painting his latest mural on Day St and help an elderly Noe Valley resident cross the street and make her way up the Muni ramp with his help. loved the Bernal-Noe bonding.

  7. As a 40 year resident of Noe Valley, thanks to rent control, I’m still hanging on in Neo Valley, lowering the tone of the neighborhood. Thank you for this.

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