Wednesday: Share Your Phonographic Memories at the Bernal Heights Library

Got vinyl records? Or stories about vinyl records? And how they’ve moved you?

Neighbor Corey Bloom lives on Bonview, and he has organized a very cool event that will take place at the Bernal Heights Library tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 24, from 7 pm – 8 pm.

Neighbor Corey tells us all about it:

I’m putting together an event at the Bernal Library on 9/24. Called Phonographic Memory, the goal is to bridge the generations of the neighborhood through music (specifically, on vinyl). In short, guests will be chosen ahead of time to present a record of their choice, tell a personal story about their connection to the record, and then play a song from it.

Brilliant! Apparently, will be part of a new series at the Bernal Library:

Bridging generations and genres, Phonographic Memory is an exchange of recollections through records. Guests will be given eight minutes to present a record: share a personal story or memory about a song or the record itself, and then play a song from that album. This program will be held the last Wednesday of every month.

To register, please email Please include your full name, age, what record and song you will be presenting and a brief summary of your story.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday: Share Your Phonographic Memories at the Bernal Heights Library

  1. WOW! I bet this was cool. As a radio DJ and buying records since 1978, music has changed my life and I have met so many people around the world because of it. I’m hoping they’ll have another one so I can participate.

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