Neighbor Tracks Coolant Trail to Find Car Used in Hit-and-Run


Neighbor Margo tells the tale of a Bernal neighbor who followed a trail of antifreeze to find the vehicle that hit his parked car:

On Saturday we noticed police activity outside our home, and upon inquiring, learned that a guy from Peralta Avenue, on other side of the hill, heard a hit and run in the middle of the night outside his home — which damaged his car, parked in front of his house.

The perp or perps were gone before he could get outside.

In the morning, he followed a trail of leaking radiator fluid up and over the hill, and with some deductive reasoning, ended up at a bashed-in car, apparently abandoned on our block, 1500 block of Hampshire, just above the gas station.

I thought it was interesting, because he did his own footwork and found the perp’s car — unlike so many of the hit-and-runs recently.

PHOTO: Neighbor Margo

5 thoughts on “Neighbor Tracks Coolant Trail to Find Car Used in Hit-and-Run

  1. Would love any additional information on the car & owner…our vehicle was hit and damaged on Saturday morning [2AM ish] as well and I bet it was the same vehicle. Thanks.

  2. I couldn’t see down to the street level but wow the bang of the impact was startling. Hope they get this guy, believe it or not, being hit while parked, even parked perfectly and not in the car, can raise insurance rates for the person parked!

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