Bail Doubled for Boyfriend as New Evidence Revealed in Mary Atchison Homicide Case

2014-08-29 14.38.20


There was an arraignment hearing yesterday for Jules Sibilio, the boyfriend accused of killing Bernal resident Mary Atchison of Peralta Avenue late last month. At the hearing, Sibilio’s bail was doubled as prosecutors shared new details about a grim discovery made at the crime scene.

Henry K. Lee from the San Francisco Chronicle reports:

A San Francisco man pleaded not guilty Thursday to murdering his girlfriend at their Bernal Heights home as his bail was doubled to $2 million.

Jules Sibilio, 48, appeared in San Francisco Superior Court in the death of 42-year-old Mary Atchison, who authorities said died of blunt force trauma.

Assistant District Attorney Sam Totah asked for Sibilio’s bail to be increased from $1 million, saying he was a flight risk.

Police found signs of a struggle and a bag with bloody sheets and towels, suggesting Sibilio tried to cover up the slaying, authorities said.

PHOTO: Top, a tribute to Mary Atchison at Miller-Dogpatch Garden, by Telstar Logistics. Below, Jules Sibilio’s booking photo, Aug. 27, 2014

18 thoughts on “Bail Doubled for Boyfriend as New Evidence Revealed in Mary Atchison Homicide Case

  1. Horrifying. Also, his booking picture scares me. The long scratches across his face were probably made by her, trying to protect herself. Ugh. Of course, I don’t know if that’s true, it’s a visceral reaction on my part. Time for the “system” to bring evidence to light, make a case, follow procedural rules, etc.

  2. There are several discrepancies in this short article that just don’t make sense. If Mary’s death is attributed to blunt force trauma what do bloody towels and sheets have to do with it? Blunt force trauma by definition is non penetrating trauma. Also, I do not believe a risk of flight was even mentioned at arraignment. Unfortunately, Bernalwood, is not being accurate at a time when accuracy is important to all the readership.

  3. Mary suffered several years of beatings. Blood could have been from any variety of things. Could even be his blood from defense wounds. Anyway you look at it, they were hidden, which is suspicious. Have you ever hidden bloody linens? I know I haven’t.

  4. I’ve heard the Medical Examiner’s report done. Homicide due to blunt force trauma resulting in multiple Duret hemorrhages.

  5. I was at the courthouse for jury duty a few weeks ago, so I looked up the case in the records department. There was a pretrial hearing scheduled for today (Thursday 12/8), but I didn’t attend, so I don’t know what transpired. The trial was scheduled to begin next April; I don’t recall the exact date. (I gave the info sheet to a friend of Mary’s; I didn’t know her personally.)

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