Just Our Style: Hear the New Song from Bernal Native J.Quest



A few weeks ago, Bernalwood received a charming shout-out on the Twitter:

Love that. “Hell yeah” was the only appropriate response.

Just like Superman has his Clark Kent, J.Quest is also known as Justin Botza. In a follow-up email, Justin explained:

I am a 3rd generation Bernal Heights native who grew up on Elsie street. I classify myself as a blue-collared Hip Hop artist who draws inspiration from The City and my mixed heritage, and that definately brings a unique yet classic sound to my music.

I have a 7-song EP coming out this year titled “Struggles & Dreams” With production by Dregs 1, Joe Dubb, Posafe & my own in house studio 1225 production team.

The first single “Just My Style” will be include on the EP.

I’m very proud to be doing my part… putting on for Bernal Heights!

Bernalwood was eager to share Justin J.Quest’s new music with you right away. But then J.Quest Justin suggested we hold off just a little bit, because he first wanted to do a photo shoot on Bernal Hill. (Oh, hell yeah, we said.)

Well, now the photos are in, and the new single is online, and it’s a very sweet jam. Let’s listen:

Oh hell yeah. We’ve got style like that.

Congratulations, Justin!

PHOTOS: J.Quest, courtesy of William Anderson

10 thoughts on “Just Our Style: Hear the New Song from Bernal Native J.Quest

  1. Sounds great J.Quest, keep up the good work. L Tsunami deserves some praise here too because she killed it on her part.
    Bonus points = that revised logo from the Henry Weinhard’s Orange Soda is awesome!!

  2. Thank you smiley dan & green girl! And yes smiley “L.Tsunami” is awesome , she will be featured in a few songs on my EP!

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