Saturday: Synchronized Watches Record Release Party at El Rio



On Saturday night, Neighbor Brianna Hughes is having a record-release party at the beloved El Rio for Synchronized Watches, her band “comprised of three friends serendipitously brought together by the common desire to challenge personal musical reflexes, the need to create art, and to quench their common thirst for good tequila.”

Neighbor Brianna writes:

I live on Crescent Ave. and love love love living in this neighborhood. My band, Synchronized Watches, is playing at El Rio Saturday night as we release our very first album, Us We Here. Local gal, local club, wanted to share our music with the ‘hood. Thanks much!

Local gal! Local club! Music for locavores! The culmination of their 2x successful Kickstarter odyssey! Saturday’s show gets underway at El Rio at 10 pm, with doors opening at 9.

Your Bernalwood editor listened to the album this morning, and I loved it!  Prediction: If you enjoy Ladytron or Metric, you’ll also definitely groove on Synchronized Watches. Give it a listen right here.

Or here:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Sychronized Watches

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